Conservative Pundit says Hillary Email Scandal “Reeks of the 90’s”!

Fox News pundit and conservative icon Charles Krauthammer deftly summed up Hillary Clinton’s chances in a recent conversation on Fox News with Bret Baier and Ron Fournier. We’d already seen over the past year that Hillary was attempting to rebrand herself as a candidate for today – first by releasing a new book, which bombed. Then by hitting the media trail, where she bombed even worse than her book. These two failures to relaunch sent her back into hiding to regroup and prepare for this year – when she would have to reemerge to begin her run for the White House.

Well she reappeared, alright.

She reappeared with two new scandals – one about accepting money from foreign nations to finance her lavish lifestyle and her “charitable” foundation. Another about how as Secretary of State she did everything she could to hide what was happening in her office from Congress and the American people. Separately these are bad, put together they have the potential to be disastrous.

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For Charles Krauthammer though, the very worst part for Clinton may be that it serves to demonstrate to voters that this is the same old Hillary Clinton. Nothing new to see here…

Bret Baier: “What about this investigation potential that Boehner may look into a separate investigation just on the emails, separate of what is happening with the Benghazi committee.”

Charles Krauthammer: “Look it will keep it alive. Will there be a smoking gun found? I’m not sure. Remember, she lost in ‘08. When you are a losing candidate and you run a second time, you try to run as a new person. Nixon loses in 1960, and in ’68 he is ‘the new Nixon.’ It has been 15 years since all the shenanigans in the ’90s. There was a hope that with Hillary that shadow, that cloud, would go away. But with the donations from the foreign entities and the emails now — regardless of details — there is no ‘new Hillary.’ She can’t possibly run on it. It is going to be the old Hillary, and that makes her chances greatly diminished.”


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