Conservative Study finds One GOP Candidate Rises Above the Rest

Heritage Action is one of our nation’s premier conservative organizations, leading the fight against government excess and corruption. Over the years Heritage has been a consistent ally in the fight for truth, justice and small government, and they’ve also served as a brilliant resource for American voters looking for an accurate accounting of their politicians’ votes.

(To see how conservative/liberal your representatives’ votes have been, check out the Heritage Action Scorecard.)

Heritage is now taking their analysis to the presidential level with a just released report on the remaining GOP candidates. Titled “Heritage Action’s Presidential Platform Review,” the report takes an individual look at each of the remaining candidates public positions on six main issues: growth, opportunity, civil society, government, favoritism and national security.

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Interestingly enough, each of the candidates receives negative marks in at least one area of Heritage’s evaluations… except for one man…

Only Ted Cruz came away from the report unscathed as Heritage found reason to praise Senator Cruz for his performance in each of their categories of measurement, and for being willing to “pay a political price” for defending conservative values and beliefs.

Jeb Bush took several hits in the report, perhaps most painfully for his record on cronyism. Donald Trump was attacked on many different fronts for his support of a “variety of big-government programs.” Senator Marco Rubio was taken to task for his willingness to partner with Democrats and the GOP establishment on pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Dr. Ben Carson was criticized for “expressing support for counterproductive financial regulations like Glass-Steagall, the repeal of which he falsely associates with the financial crisis of 2008. This raises the possibility that Dr. Carson might be sympathetic to additional anti-growth regulations of the finance sector.”

Chris Christie received some negative attention for his liberal, anti-growth energy policies and his coziness with corruption. Carly Fiorina was knocked for not being willing to deal with entitlement reform. Bobby Jindal’s mistakes on government overreach came back to haunt him, as Heritage pointed out his missteps on cronyism in the agricultural industry. John Kasich is a mess. Rand Paul faced fire for being open to amnesty and on his dovish approach to foreign policy.

The report is well-researched, well-written and chock-full of good information. While several of the candidates are praised on multiple occasions throughout the report, Ted Cruz stands uniquely as the only candidate to be praised covered with nary a criticism. For the doctrinaire conservative, the more we learn about Ted Cruz, the more it seems as though he is the man for the job.

Read the entire, in-depth report here.

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