Conservative Voters Make Their Votes Heard in KY, OH and Houston

If the November 2015 elections say anything, it’s that Democrats need to look out in 2016. After winning the nation in 2008, Democrats have been slowly losing ground ever since. In 2010 they lost control of the House of Representatives. Even though Obama won the White House in 2012, Democrats lost seats in both the House and Senate. In 2014, Democrats loss more seats in the House and control of Senate. They also lost the governorships in several states.

Odd year elections seldom get much attention but this week’s election in several states got the attention of politicians and pundits nationwide.

In Kentucky, Democrat Jack Conway was predicted to defeat Republican Matt Bevin for governor. In the past 100 years, Kentucky has had 19 Democratic governors to only 5 Republican leaders. The current Governor, Steve Beshear is an Obamanite Democrat. He fully supported Obama in everything including his war on coal. Conway was Attorney General under Beshear and like his boss, also fully supported Obama, Obamacare, Medicaid expansion, state healthcare exchange and war on coal. You must understand that the number one industry in eastern Kentucky is coal. Matt Bevin is a businessman who ran as a conservative Christian who opposes Obamacare, Medicaid expansion, state healthcare exchange and fully supports Kentucky’s coal industry.

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To the surprise of Kentucky’s Democratic machine, Bevin was announced as the winner with only 75% of the precincts reporting in and at the final count, Bevin beat Conway 53% to 44%.

The other surprise in the Kentucky election is that Bevin’s running mate for lieutenant governor is Jenean Hampton. She is the first black woman to ever be elected to a statewide office. Imagine how this has to really gall Democrats to see a black Republican voted into the second highest office in the state.

In Ohio, liberals spent millions trying to get the passage of a constitutional amendment that would legalize medical and recreational marijuana use. If passed, it would have created a monopoly of growers controlling the 10 farms would be allowed to grow the pot. If the measure passed, it would have made Ohio the first state to approve the medical and recreational use of marijuana at the same time.

If you paid attention to the television commercials, you would have expected the legalization of pot to have passed, but when the votes were tallied, Ohio voters overwhelmingly said no to marijuana by a 64.35% to 35.65%. Once again conservative voters made their wishes known.

Houston is another Democratic stronghold. Their outgoing lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, stirred up a hornets nest when she pushed an LGBT ordinance through the city council. The ordinance would give preferential treatment to members of the LGBT community and allow gender confused individuals to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice.

The ordinance met with a lot of opposition by local conservatives and Christian pastors who mounted a recall against Parker in an effort to remove her from office. The lesbian mayor reacted by launching an attack against the pastors by demanding copies of all of their sermons and correspondence.

Much to Parker’s dismay, the pastors, along with fellow Christians and conservatives obtained enough signatures to get the so-called bathroom bill on the ballot. Parker and LGBT supporters argued that the ordinance protected the civil rights of LGBT individuals while conservatives argued the ordinance infringed on their civil rights by allowing males to use female bathrooms and locker rooms. They also argued that the ordinance made it easier for sexual predators to prey on innocent victims.

With Houston run by liberal Democrats, many thought that the bathroom bill would be approved by voters on Tuesday. Once again, Christian and conservative voters made their votes heard by overwhelming defeating the bathroom bill 62.5% to 37.5%.

Three key elections and in all three, conservatives spoke loudly with their votes. We need to keep this trend going into next year’s election so conservatives can win the White House, maintain control of the House and Senate, take control of more states and turn this country around before it’s too late.

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