Conservatives Call for all Candidates for Speaker of the House to Oppose the Bad Budget Deal!

House conservatives are starting to stir again, and they aren’t happy about outgoing Speaker John Boehner’s decision to partner with President Obama to force through a very disturbing budget deal. Now conservative leader Mark Meadows (R-NC) is pushing to force any Republican hoping to be the next Speaker of the House to make killing the terrible budget deal their chief priority.

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Meadows pulled no punches with his demands.

“For weeks, behind closed doors the outgoing Speaker of the House has partnered with Democrats and Senate Leadership to craft a monstrosity of a budget deal that includes a clean $1.5 trillion debt ceiling increase, more nondefense spending, and a host of policy provisions that no one except President Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have had a chance to offer input into.

Leadership’s determination to ram through this legislation days before we reach the debt limit, with zero input from rank and file Members of Congress, demonstrates precisely what is wrong with Washington, D.C. As I laid out when I introduced the Motion to Vacate the Chair (H.Res 385), the Speaker must not use the legislative calendar to “create crises for the American people, in order to compel Members to vote for legislation.” Nor should the Speaker of the House push through extremely consequential legislation that every American has a stake in without allowing lawmakers a minimum of 72 hours to review it before voting.

Anyone who supports this legislation is complicit in supporting “the way things are” in Washington. We are at an important crossroads in the House of Representatives. We have an opportunity to bring about real reform and fundamentally change the broken system in place on Capitol Hill. Therefore I call on all candidates running for Speaker of the House to oppose this legislation and go on record showing they do not support this approach to governing. Now is the time to demonstrate real leadership by committing to ending the culture of governing by crises and to no longer allow the few to make the decisions for the many. The American people demand better from their elected officials.”

The leading contender for the job of Speaker is Paul Ryan (R-WI), and he supposedly “hates” the budget deal.

If he hates the budget deal so much, shouldn’t it be easy for him to promise to fight this deal? So why hasn’t it happened yet?

In fact, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) hates this deal with similar passion, but he’s willing to take it on. In fact, Paul has promised to filibuster the deal in an effort to get it killed. Speaking out against our national debt a few weeks ago Paul said, “Bold action is needed to address our nation’s debt crisis – our national debt currently stands at $18.4 trillion. We cannot keep piling debt on top of debt forever.” After learning of the deal, Paul grew even more indignant, saying, “I will filibuster and I will urge my colleagues to join my effort.” With a Presidential candidate on board, Ryan has even more cover to stand up for conservatism and fight back against the establishment’s bad deal.

More conservatives need to speak out against this horrendous deal and force Congressman Ryan’s hand. We’ll support him as Speaker, but he needs to show us that we can trust him to do the right thing… especially when it is this easy.

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