Contraception Mandate Injunctions: Catholics Yes! Protestants No!

Ever since the Obama Administration violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution by forcing business owners to violate their religious beliefs, a number of lawsuits have been filed.  We’ve reported on a number of those lawsuits and I’ve noticed a trend that I find disconcerting.

The majority of companies and institutions that have been granted injunctions to allow them to not comply with the mandate for religious reasons are owned by Catholics.  However, when Hobby Lobby, owned by Protestants takes their case to court, they are told that they are not religious enough and that they must comply.

Hercules Industries, a HVAC company based in Denver, Colorado is owned by a Catholic family and they were granted an injunction back in July of 2012.

Weingartz Supply Company, another firm that is owned by a Catholic family was also granted an injunction in November of 2012.

Triune Health Group, located in Chicago is owned by Catholics who were also granted an injunction, allowing them not to comply with the contraception mandate.

But when Protestant firms have challenged the unconstitutional mandate for the same religious reasons, they are being told that they are not religious enough.  Like I pointed out earlier, Hobby Lobby is perhaps the highest profile Protestant owned company that was denied in injunction and order to comply or face up to $1.3 million fine per day.

School of Ozarks is a Protestant college founded by Presbyterians.  When they filed their lawsuit to block the contraception mandate, they were denied by the courts and told, like Hobby Lobby, that they were not religious enough.

There may be companies that I have not heard about, but from what I have seen, this seems to be a pattern that many Protestants should find quite troublesome.  Is there a discrimination against Protestants in the court system?  Could it be that the courts are being pressured by the Catholic Church where smaller Protestant groups do not have the same amount of clout?

I don’t know the answer.  I’m only reporting a growing trend that I am seeing and it troubles me as much as the contraception mandate itself.

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