Cops Keep Town Safe From Dangerous Jogger

Without all the facts available, it’s difficult to say what exactly led Austin, Texas, police on Thursday to apprehend a petite blonde jogger wearing headphones as she allegedly merely was exercising.

However, a video of the incident, available here, shows four beefy cops swarming around a handcuffed young lady in pigtails and workout gear.

In the video, she clearly is upset, yelling loudly, “I didn’t f***ing do anything wrong!” as they haul her to a squad car.

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According to one report, as she sat handcuffed on the ground, the young lady told a passerby, “I was doing nothing wrong. I was just crossing the street.”

The University of Texas, Austin, newspaper The Daily Texan, quoted student Chris Quintero as saying the young woman was jogging with headphones on when officers told her to stop. Apparently she didn’t hear them, and one of them ran after her and grabbed her by the arm and handcuffed her, Quintero said.

She begged the officers to let her go, saying she was just jogging, but they pulled her to the ground and wouldn’t let her get up.

On the video, a voice can be heard saying to someone that police were across the street giving tickets for jaywalking.

We shouldn’t jump on police without knowing all the facts. It’s possible the woman was fleeing a crime scene. It’s possible she had a warrant out for her arrest. It’s possible that she was packing a gun in those tight jogging shorts.

The police, as of this writing, haven’t commented on the incident, except to tell the Daily Texan via spokeswoman Lisa Cortinas, “[In this case], the call is titled failure to identify.”

In other words, she didn’t show her driver’s license.

Was that before or after the manhandling?

It seems like we’re hearing more and more stories these days about police officers arresting people or even invading their homes “just because,” then filing some spurious charge to cover up what amounts to abuse of authority.

This sort of thing is anecdotal. We have to recognize that.

But …

Austin police arrest a woman jogger.


Four police officers check the scene after they got the young woman into the squad car.
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