Corrupt IRS Rehires Hundreds of Former Corrupt Employees

If I was to ask you what government agency or department was the most corrupt, what would you answer? I asked myself that question and instantly thought of the White House, Justice Department, National Security Agency, Congress, Transportation Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. I’m not sure I could narrow that field of choices down as I truly believe that they are all very corrupt.

I’ve written about all of these agencies and departments, but today I once again want to concentrate on the one super corrupt agency. Not only has this government entity been abusing its powers to steal millions of dollars from taxpayers and attack conservative and Christian organizations but now they appear to be girding themselves for a new round of corruption.

Meet the IRS, often referred to as the Infernal Revenue Service.

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Like every other large employer, the IRS has had its share of problem employees that have nothing to do with the scandals we’ve all heard about. Face it, we live in a sin-cursed world where ‘every intention of the thoughts of his (mankind’s) heart was only evil continually’ (Gen. 6:5).

I’ve worked as a manager and supervisor in retail and ministry and have had to take disciplinary actions against employees for various reasons. I fired employees for stealing, doing drugs and drinking on the job and for breaking a number of company rules. I ever fired and filed theft charges against the son of a state attorney general for stealing from the store. When I called his father to inform him of my intentions, he thanked me and gave me his full support.

The IRS has had its share of problem employees as well and has fired hundreds of them over the years for a variety of reasons. However, reports are now indicating that the IRS has been rehiring a number of those problem employees. reveals that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reports:

“The Inspector General identified hundreds of rehires despite prior substantiated conduct or performance issues. Some were serious. They ranged from unpaid taxes, unauthorized access to taxpayer information, leave abuse, falsification of official forms, unacceptable performance, misuse of IRS property, and off-duty misconduct. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration concluded that the rehires pose increased risks to the IRS and taxpayers.”

“In many cases, the problems cropped up again after the person was rehired, the report reveals. Of the more than 7,000 former employees the IRS hired between January 2010 and September 2013, 824 had prior performance and conduct issues. In fairness, the IRS did a lot of rehiring of former employees. And most of the rehires did not have performance or conduct issues.”

“The report cites a former problem employee whose file was explicitly marked ‘Do Not Rehire’ because the person was ‘absent without leave for 312 hours.’ Guess what? He was rehired anyway. 141 former employees were rehired even though they had prior substantiated tax issues. What’s worse, five of them were known to the IRS as having willfully failed to file their federal tax returns. No problem, they were rehired.”

So as we all prepare to file our income tax returns this year and if necessary send them a check, realize that the person possibly handling and processing your return and check may be a rehired corrupt employee who has no business working for the IRS. Now doesn’t that make you feel safe and trusting?

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