Shari Webber-Dunn “received a minimum 40-year sentence after her conviction on first-degree murder charges following the shooting death of her estranged husband, Scott Webber, in 1994…”

She filed a lawsuit this week, “alleging that prison officials have been ‘imposing Christian beliefs’ on her and other inmates…. She says officials there have created a ‘coercive atmosphere where inmates are pressured to spend their time in a highly religious atmosphere and to participate in religious activities and prayers, thus violating the establishment clause,’ the Wichita Eagle reported…. She alleges religious bias on the part of the Kansas Department of Corrections and the correctional facility’s staff.”

As expected, one of our nation’s atheist groups has come to her defense: “The American Humanist Association (AHA), based in Washington, D.C., joined Webber-Dunn’s lawsuit, accusing the prison of engaging in a government establishment of religion.” (Fox News)

If these humanists were consistent, they would argue that Shari Webber-Dunn is being imprisoned for a non-crime. The crime of murder presupposes a higher law and a sovereign lawgiver. The Bible states, “You shall not murder” (Ex. 20:13). The prohibition is found in the New Testament as well (Matt. 19:18; Rom. 13:9).

There is no murder in the world of evolutionary survival of the fittest.

This case reminds me of another murder case where religion was brought into the discussion.

Karl S. Chambers was convicted of fatally beating 70‑year‑old Anna May Morris while robbing her of her Social Security money. District Attorney H. Stanley Rebert told the jurors, “Karl Chambers has taken a life. As the Bible says, ‘And the murderer shall be put to death.’”1

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