Could Current Economic Pessimism Lead to Family Murders and Suicides?

For many decades, parents in America have always believed that their children will be better off than they as parents were.  The parents worked hard to help insure that their kids got a better start in life than when they were kids.

But for the first time in many years, this parental optimism has changed to one of extreme pessimism.

According to a recent Rasmussen Report Poll, only 14% of Americans said they believe that their children will be better off than they were.  Twenty-one percent said they weren’t sure and 65% said that their children will most likely be worse off in the next generation.

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In the week prior to that poll, Rasmussen Report revealed a similar pessimism on the overall state of the economy.  In that report, only 31% felt the economy will improve in one year, 18% said it will be the same, 35% said it will be worse and 17% had no clue.

When I checked with, I found that the economic outlook was just as bad with only 35% saying the economic outlook was better while 61% said it was worse.

Dr. Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute and speaking on behalf of Concerned Women for America commented on the parental pessimism saying:

“Well, this is a complete turnaround from what Americans have come to expect.  I think parents in the past three or four generations have just taken for granted that their kids could do better than they, and our generation is the first one looking at the possibility that our kids won’t do as well.”

“This is something that should raise all sorts of red flags for Americans for this election.  When you talk about polls and favorability and all of the things that people are banding about right now about the election this fall, I think the prospect for the future boom is very, very heavy on how people are going to vote, because nobody wants to think Oh, I’ve robbed my kids of their future.”

Many of you may read these polls and say, yeah, but so what.  Let me tell you what I see when I see this kind of hopeless pessimism.  I see suicides and family murders increasing.  Parents, both fathers and mothers facing bankruptcy, foreclosure and loss of jobs, see their children facing a future that is even worse.  Not knowing how to cope or where to turn, more and more will opt to murder their family and then take their own lives.

I also see an increase in burglaries, robberies and personal assaults.  When facing desperation with little to no hope of improvement, people will do desperate things to feed and house their families.

America is facing a cultural and economic crisis unlike any it has ever faced.  In the Great Depression, more Americans were Christian and turned to God and churches for help and strength to make it through the tough times.  Today, there aren’t nearly as many Christians as a century ago.  Many churches have become so liberal that they aren’t any different than the secular government, so they won’t really offer much hope or strength either.

Having planned my own suicide years ago and even looking forward to it, I understand someone can feel so hopeless that taking their own life looks to be the best path to take.  They reach a point where they feel that they can’t go on living the same way they have been.  Life, to them, becomes unbearable.  Every day, these men and women look at their children and the thought of having them suffer from the parent’s feelings of self-failure, become too much to bear.  Eventually, the despair and hopelessness becomes too much and BANG they snap and take the whole family.

This is what I see when I read polls like these.  I pray I’m wrong and that the GOP can regain control of the country and turn things around soon.

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