Could NJ Gov. Chris Christie Run for Re-Election as a Republican & a Democrat?

One of America’s most well-known governors, Chris Christie (R) is up for re-election this November in New Jersey.  The Democrats have recently chosen their candidate, State Senator Barbara Buono, to run against Christie.

But I wonder if that’s really necessary.  Christie, though claiming to be a Republican, is almost as liberal as half the Democrats in office.  The Democrats could save a lot of money and just endorse Christie as their candidate, as it won’t make a whole lot of difference policy wise.

During last year’s presidential campaign, Christie got a lot of media attention because many thought he was a viable running mate for Mitt Romney.  Once the nation started hearing his name bantered around, a number of political pundits and bloggers, including myself, starting writing about his liberal policies and why we thought he was a very bad choice for a vice presidential running mate.  I wrote two articles that showed his liberal acceptance of Muslims and even an affinity for some Muslim extremists.

Others posted articles saying that if people thought Texas Governor Rick Perry was liberal then Chris Christie was next to Karl MarxHermann Cain said that Christie was far too liberal to be thought of as a conservative.  One website listed 6 reasons the Chris Christie is a liberal:

1.  Obamacare: When a number of states started to file challenges to Obamacare, Christie would not join in as he claimed New Jersey had their own version – Family Care.

2.  2nd Amendment: Christie has supported a ban on assault-style weapons and limiting the purchase of handguns to one per month.  He is also against any form of conceal-carry permits and has said that it will never happen in New Jersey.

3.  State funded Abortions:  Christie says he’s pro-life and did cut $7.5 million of state funds from Planned Parenthood, but it was done because of a budget deficit and not because of ideology.

4.  Illegal immigration:  Christie does not believe in the term ‘illegal immigration.’  He said that it is not a crime to be in the United States without proper documentation.  He also said that entering the country illegally is not illegal.

5.  Homosexuality:  Christie joined in a lawsuit against Christian groups on college campuses who hold to certain religious standards including maintaining that homosexuality is a sin and thus homosexuals are not permitted to join their groups.  He said that he didn’t have time to be involved in a lawsuit against Obamacare, but had plenty of time to join a lawsuit against Christian values and principles.

6.  Ground Zero Mosque: In light of what happened on 9/11 and how many New Jersey residents were affected, Christie supported the construction of a Muslim mosque at Ground Zero, which many American’s believe is an affront to all who died there.

I challenge you to go online and type in ‘Chris Christie liberal’ and see all of hits you get.  There is no doubt that the New Jersey Governor is one of the most liberal Republican governors in the nation, if not the most liberal.  When you look at where he stands on many issues, his record looks more like that of an Obama Democrat than it does a Republican.  This is why I believe that Chris Christie would be comfortable running for re-election as a Republican and a Democrat, but one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t vote for him if my life depended on it.

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