Could Obama Cost Hillary the 2016 Election?

In January 2009, the liberal Democratic Party found themselves in control of the House, Senate and White House. They fully intended to show America what changes they could make by ramming Obamacare down our throats against the wishes of over 65% of Americans polled. The Democrats attacked our Second Amendment rights to own and bear firearms. They also attacked our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion and they attacked the traditional institution of marriage.

Democrats thought that these things would insure their continued control of the nation, but the American public quickly became alarmed at many of the changes the Democrats were trying to make. In two short years, Republicans regained control of the House, thus dividing the political control of Congress.

Obama and his fellow liberals continued to undermine everything good about America and in 2012, he narrowly beat Mitt Romney. But Republicans continued to increase their lead in the House and gained a little ground in Senate.

Knowing he didn’t have to run for the White House any more, Obama stepped up his attacks on Americans and fought to strip away more of our rights and freedoms. When American started seeing that Obamacare would cost them more for less healthcare coverage than they had before, many liberals no longer supported our out of control leader, allowing Republicans to gain control of Senate in the 2014 midterm election.

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However, Obama is so arrogant and self-centered that he refuses to accept the blame for the loss of Democratic control of Congress. He blames everyone else except himself, just like an immature child does.

Since the 2014 election, he has once again stepped up his attacks on the US Constitution and the American people. He continues to take illegal actions believing that no one can or will stop him. When a Judge rules against him in anything, he does it anyway. What Obama fails to realize is that his actions are still driving Democrats away as Brent Budowsky explains:

“Nothing better dramatizes the damage that President Obama has done to Democrats than the fact that Republicans now control the House of Representatives, the Senate and a majority of governorships across America.”

“Nothing better illustrates the reason for this damage than the president’s recent behavior on the trade bill, when he attacked and berated liberal members of his party and organized labor, and then claimed success when the bill was passed through his alliance with Republican congressional leaders, infuriating a majority of Democrats in Congress…”

“Today, there is a progressive wave throughout the Democratic Party and national politics, which is why Hillary Clinton is wisely staking out progressive positions and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is the surprise early star of the 2016 campaign. Yet Obama continues to periodically lapse into ridicule and derision of liberals and labor, as he did during the recent trade debate.”

“The word out of the White House is that the president believes he is ‘liberated’ because he does not have to run again. This is superficially true but fundamentally false. Obama may not be running again, but in 2016, a Democratic nominee for president, Democratic candidates for the House and Senate, and Democratic candidates for statewide office will indeed be running.”

“It was political malpractice for Obama to have spent a month dishing personal and political insults against prominent liberal Democrats, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), organized labor and liberals across America during the trade debate. He falsely claimed they don’t know as much about trade as he does. He slandered Democratic opponents of the trade bill by falsely claiming they were not sincerely interested in standing up for working men and women, and were merely playing politics.”

“The president’s defamation of Democrats over trade was untrue, shameful and destructive to the Democratic Party. Most Democrats inside and outside Washington are genuinely worried — with good reason, rooted in the history of trade agreements — about the potential loss of American jobs.”

Using reverse psychology, Obama’s current actions may be the best thing possible to help Republicans maintain control of Congress and win the White House. The more liberal Democrats and Independents he continues to upset and insult, the fewer of them will vote in 2016. The sting in their wallets and pride could just be the ticket to a GOP trifecta. We can only hope that stupid continues to do stupid. The only question is how much more stupid can we survive in the process.

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