Could Wishy Washy Boehner Become President?

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Peanuts comic strip and felt it a sad day when Charles Schulz retired and later passed away.  My favorite character was Schroeder because he pretty much ignored everyone else and did his own thing.  But virtually everyone’s heart always went out to poor ole Charlie Brown who never got to kick the football from Lucy’s grasp and had to listen to her for years call him wishy washy because he always had a hard time making a decision and standing up for his rights.

In the past year, I’ve seen Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) to be very much like Charlie Brown – wishy washy.  Boehner may be able to make up his mind, at first, but like Charlie Brown, rarely stands up to defend and exert his opinion.  Time and time again, Boehner has raced to kick the GOP football for the big score and time and time again he allows the liberal Democrats to pull a Lucy on him by yanking the ball at the last moment leaving Boehner to land flat on his back.

What scares me the most about Boehner’s wishy washy habits of late is that there is a growing possibility that he could become President of the United States before the November election.

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I’m sure you’ve seen or heard the news that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service Card are both forgeries and that according to the investigation by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, there is not one piece of evidence to indicate that Barack Hussein Obama was born in any of the fifty states.  If Congress took this up and found Arpaio’s investigation to be accurate, they could legally nullify the 2008 presidential election,

I know you’re going to say that if Obama is removed from office that Vice-President Joe Biden would become president, but that’s not true in this case.  In the general election, the vice-president runs on the same ticket as the president.  Legal experts are already looking into what this means, but if a number of them are right, Biden would also be removed from office since he did not run on his own accord but was on Obama’s coattails.

According to the US Constitution, in the case that both president and vice-president are unable to serve, the duty of president falls on the Speaker of the House, and that currently is gold ole wishy washy John Boehner.  I guess it would be better to have a wishy washy Republican instead of a diabolical socialistic Muslim in office.

The one issue I haven’t seen addressed is what happens to all of the pieces of legislation signed into law by Obama if his election is nullified?  Would that automatically undo Obamacare, Stimulus 1 and 2, the financial reform bill?  How would that affect the millions of American workers and unemployed if the payroll tax cut and unemployment extension are also unified?

The United States is steering a course into uncharted waters and the seas are getting pretty rough and to think if Boehner trying to guide us through is just not to reassuring.

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