Does Your County Have More Voters Than Residents?

That may sound like a stupid question, but in reality, it’s a serious problem that could lead to massive voter fraud in many places across the nation.  According to J. Christian Adams, a former attorney with the Department of Justice, there are over 200 counties in the US that have more registered voters than residents.

Last year, a number of states and counties tried to clean up their voter registration rolls by removing dead people, non-citizens, convicted felons and other non-eligible voters.  However, the Department of Justice filed lawsuits to prevent many of the clean-ups from taking place.  The only possible explanation for the prevention of cleaning up the voter registration rolls is that the Democrats in charge of the Department of Justice needed those extra registrations to help them with their voter fraud efforts to elect Obama and other Dems.

There was one case last year that went to the US District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi that resulted in a judge ordering Walthall County, Mississippi to clean up their voter registration rolls.  The judge’s decision was made after it was shown in court that the county had more registered voters than it had residents.

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More recently, Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi, has also been instructed by the courts to clean up their voter registration roll.  This occurred after the American Civil Rights Union filed suit against the county, claiming that like Walthall County, they had more voters than residents.

Adams, who has been pointing out instances of like these, said:

“[There are] more people on the rolls than even people alive.”

“And that’s what has to be fixed.  In the last election we had almost four million ineligible people on the rolls around the country. You can’t have an electoral system with those kind of problems.”

This is why many Republicans have been striving to pass voter photo ID laws in an effort to prevent voter fraud.  I for one would be very interested to know how many of those 4 million ineligible voters voted in last year’s November election.  I would also like to know how many of them voted Democrat and how many voted Republican.  It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that over a million of the dead, convicted felons, non-citizen ineligible voters voted for Democrats in last year’s election.

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