Court Tells Town to Look Outside for Non-Christians to Open Meetings with Prayer

Lying along the picturesque shore of Lake Ontario is town of Greece, New York.  With the lake on one side and the Honeymoon Trail (road leading to Niagara Falls) on the other, the town is generally a peaceful place to live.

That is until two women complained about the prayers that opened the town’s monthly meetings.  For years, every meeting was opened with a prayer that emphasized Christianity.  In 2008, Linda Stephens and Susan Galloway filed a complaint with the city claiming that their prayers were promoting a single religion and then they filed a lawsuit.

In 2010, a lower court ruled against the two ladies.  The court’s decision said that there was no evidence that the town intentionally avoided non-Christian religions.  In fact, both Stephens and Galloway testified that they did not know of any non-Christian religions within the town.

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However, the case was appealed and ended up in the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  The appeals court overruled the lower court and declared that the town of Greece was unconstitutional in its emphasizing one religion above all others.  Without having any other non-Christian religions in the city, the appeals court told them that if necessary, they need to look outside the city to other communities, such as nearby Rochester, for non-Christians to open the meetings in prayer.

According to the town’s website, they have a population of just under 100,000.  If a town of that size had no non-Christian religious institutions within its 42 square miles, then why should they have to go outside the city just to appease the complaints of two women?

The appeals court has followed the liberal mindset that is permeating America and ruled that the complaints of two are more important than the other 96,000 residents.  In America today, the majority no longer rules.  The whining and crying of a small minority has been used to reshape America into a liberal cesspool of anti-Christian rulings and sinful lifestyles.  And it will continue to be that way as long as America’s Christians remain silent and allow their rights and ways of life to be stripped away.

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