Court Violates Arizona’s 10th Amendment State’s Rights

Our Founding Fathers purposely formed our new nation to have a small federal government with most of the power and authority reserved to the states. The federal government was primarily tasked with supporting and protecting the states and the newly formed country. When they wrote the Bill of Rights, they knew it was important enough to protect the states’ rights that they wrote it into the 10th Amendment which reads:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

If our Founding Fathers saw what the federal government has become today they would be extremely disappointed and disheartened. The federal government has become a huge out-of-control and all-consuming monster that is stripping states of their constitutional rights.

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Judge David G. Campbell of the US District Court for the District of Arizona just made another ruling to strip a state of its 10 Amendment rights and the governor is not done fighting back.

Up until now, states have made their own laws that governed the issuing of state driver’s licenses. The have been allowed to establish a minimum age, what training or education is required and what is involved with the testing process and no one has really contested these state laws until one interfered with the liberal agenda of Barack Obama.

When Obama made his first illegal edict to allow Dreamers to stay in the US and be eligible for certain rights, Arizona immediately took action. They saw the dangers and costs involved with allowing illegals to obtain valid state driver’s licenses. They knew that once these illegals had a valid license that they would start draining the state’s coffers by taking advantage of benefits reserved for US citizens. They also knew that with a valid state driver’s license that illegals could register to vote by simply lying about their citizenship.

In 2012, the Arizona legislature passed a law that banned illegals from obtaining a valid state driver’s license and from obtaining benefits that the state did not believe the illegals were entitled to. Of course radical liberals who care nothing for upholding the law challenged Arizona’s law.

Then last month, Obama issued his memo concerning the delayed deportation of 5 to 6 million illegals. Then DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson issued an order in his department that redefined Obama’s criteria which would allow the delayed deportation to protect up to 20 million illegals.

In the wake of the more recent federal illegal actions, Judge Campbell just handed down a preliminary injunction to block Arizona’s law that bans Dreamers from obtaining a valid state driver’s license. In his injunction, Campbell ordered Arizona to start issuing licenses as of today.

Outgoing Gov. Jan Brewer has vowed to fight Campbell’s ruling and says she is confident that Arizona will prevail in the end. She issued a statement saying:

“The right to determine who is issued a driver license is reserved for the states – not the federal government or an unelected judiciary.”

“It is outrageous that Arizona is being forced to ignore longstanding state law and comply with a flawed federal court mandate that requires the state, at least temporarily, to issue driver licenses to individuals whose presence is in violation of federal law, as established by the United States Congress.”

“At stake in this case are the fundamental issues of constitutional law and state sovereignty. Arizona has the constitutional right and authority to enforce state statute. This right must be protected. It must be defended. And as long as I am governor, I will do exactly that.”

“It is important to remember that courts have yet to consider the full merits of the case, and I believe that Arizona will ultimately prevail.”

“Consequently, I have instructed my legal team to move forward in pursuing a full review of this matter before the United States Supreme Court as soon as possible.”

The question now is whether or not the Supreme Court will hear Arizona’s appeal and if they do, will the liberal judges rule on Obama’s agenda or on the US Constitution and 10th Amendment? If the high court refuses to hear the case, then we know for certain that the Supreme Court no longer defends the Constitution and state sovereignty is all but dead.

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