Covering Up the Net Neutrality Cover-Up

There’s nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

That’s the message being put out by the Obama-friendly media after the Federal Communications Commission voted to adopt more than 300 pages of new rules that would allow the federal government to regulate the Internet like a public utility.

That’s 300-plus pages of rules that the FCC still has not allowed the general public, which pays commissioners’ salaries, to see.

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And when I say the media are aiding and abetting the cover-up, I mean they are doing it in the most blatant way possible, by labeling any suspicions about the whole stinks-like-rotten-fish affair a “conspiracy theory.”

In case anyone hasn’t caught on by now, “conspiracy theory” is the Pavlovian key phrase the media use to make people look the other way while the Obama Administration violates the law and engages in shady dealings.

Brian Fung of the Washington Post, in an article titled, “There’s Already a Conspiracy Theory Brewing Over Net Neutrality,” wrote:

“Let’s stop this nonsense right here. It’s a stretch to think the FCC is withholding anything. While it was certainly within FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s power to release his draft proposal before it came to a vote, the regulations now must go through a formal process before they become official. And say what you will about bureaucratic inefficiency,  but that’s the chief reason the FCC won’t be releasing the rules for some time.”

Now, I’ve been around the block a time or two, and I’ve covered politics since back in the early 1980s. Mr. Fung, on the other hand, is an official full-time journalist who looks to be thirtysomething at most, and his beat is “digital politics.”

Fung’s faith in the goodness of bureaucrats in the FCC, or anywhere, is misplaced, and it is evident from his own words. It was within Wheeler’s power, the regs must go through a “formal process” to become official, therefore they won’t be published.

News flash, Bri, they’ve already been through a formal process called a public hearing and a vote. Fung admits Wheeler had the power to release the regs for public review … yet he didn’t release them as is normally done with these sorts of things.

Fung quotes some mouthpiece as explaining that the rules have to undergo “final edits,” meaning the Democrats who rammed this through will give some superficial rebuttal to criticism, then the document will be posted to the website and the Federal Register, where everybody will get to finally read the regulations. Yay, democracy.

It either escapes Fung’s notice or he is deliberately blurring the fact, that by that point the regulations are set in cement. This “final edit” phase may not be the point where black-cloaked FCC staff add new regulations (that point was before the vote), but it is the final nail in the coffin for any opportunity the public could and should have had to say nay.

The proof that this “conspiracy theory” is actually a very real conspiracy is right before the world’s eyes in the simple fact that Google and other big Silicon Valley firms were making suggestions for changes all the way up to the day of the big vote.

In case Fung’s obfuscation still isn’t allowing anyone to see clearly, let’s state this plainly: Those regulations that have gone unreleased to the public were clearly, and by admission of the media, released to the lobbyists of several major companies who then took a hand in the process of crafting the rules. Ergo, the FCC colluded with certain big businesses to craft regulations that will affect their competitors and the public at large, while hiding those regulations from the very people they will affect most.

Like a Christian family that wakes up to find an ISIS decree nailed to its front door, the public is expected to just accept that their lives and

And by the way, did you notice that this major change in the federal government’s ability to interfere in the Internet occurred without anybody in Congress being involved?

Do you think the FCC’s Wheeler just came up with this little project to fundamentally change the way information is shared and used throughout the country on his own little scrap of authority? Not on your life. It’s a 100 percent guarantee this bit of totalitarianism began as a memo from the Oval Office, signed by either Valerie Jarrett or Obama himself.

So is it clear now, O Lords of Media? We aren’t buying the usual excuses.

There’s no “theory” in this conspiracy theory. There are only conspirators, apologists and the vast body of the rest of us who are, once again, getting rooked and having our rights trampled on.

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