Cowards Trip Over Themselves to Blame Geller, Not Terrorists, in Texas

More fallout from Garland, Texas, where a couple of wannabe Muslim “martyrs” tried and failed to shoot up a Mohammed cartoon contest and art showing.

It seems that everyone from Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren to the Huffing-and-Puffington Post  and whoever they have over there at CNN is criticizing event organizer Pamela Geller for her free-speech event, blaming her and it for making the two gunmen put on their body armor, toss their guns into the car, drive down to the convention center and then get themselves shot by drawing on a police officer.

In fact, to hear some of her critics tell it, you’d think Geller was spotted driving the getaway vehicle and straightening the jihadis’ ties before they went into the crime scene.

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“By setting up a contest and awarding $10,000 for a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad,” O’Reilly said, “the American Freedom Defense Initiative spurred a violent incident. That wasn’t smart, even though the group has its supporters.”

The violence, of course, had nothing to do with a couple of jerks who counted at least one ISIS recruiter among their online social circle. It has nothing to do with a culture of violence perpetuated by Islamic teachings and a larger Islamic community that encourages human beings to waste their lives by killing themselves and murdering others in the name of Mohammed, a sixth-century warlord who hated Jews, hated Christians, hated women and who stole property and money from his neighbors.

Laura Ingraham at least took a more moderate art-critic tack to disguise her opposition to Geller’s event. While she said she supports the freedom to hold events like the Mohammed contest, she thinks they don’t help anything.

“I don’t want the Virgin Mary smeared in dung,” she said. “It is number one — rude, it’s unnecessary, it’s not really that artistic — and it’s stupid.”

Oh, well, since you put it that way, that it’s stupid. …

Here’s the thing. The critics who are saying that Geller shouldn’t have put on the event because it was obvious what some jihadis would do are operating purely out of fear. That’s the jihadis’ whole purpose, to make you afraid, to intimidate you into accepting their draconian laws.

That’s the old Muslim sword-point conversion. Accept Islam or die. The victim doesn’t want to die, so he tucks his tail between his legs and goes along. The terrorist demanding conversion doesn’t care if the new Muslim’s intentions are sincere, just that he now has power over the individual.

It doesn’t matter if O’Reilly or Ingraham believe that drawing Mohammed is blasphemy, because they’re acting like it is.

Megyn Kelly, on the other hand, gets it. She countered O’Reilly’s cowardice, saying, “You know what else the jihadis don’t like? They hate Jews. Should we get rid of all Jews? That’s the path we’re going to go down if we start catering to the jihadis.”

Even comedian Jon Stewart, while not exactly supporting Geller and her group, at least put the blame where it belongs: “I can’t believe we have to reiterate this,” he said. “It is not OK to shoot other people because you are offended by what they draw — even if they drew it to offend you, no shooting of them. Never OK.”

Islamic bullying — because that’s what it amounts to — is like the old joke about the 800-pound gorilla. Where does the gorilla sit? Wherever it wants to.

Geller and her group are all about confronting that pushy primate and driving it back to its own territory.

What the mainstream media like to call “radical” Islam is not radical, it’s fundamentalist — ie, it follows the Quran very strictly, and that Quran is not changing. Therefore, Islam, barring some unforeseen revolution, is not changing.

There may be some “moderate” Muslims out there, but chances are they are scared to death to poke their heads up long enough for the jihadis to cut them off.

In Nazi Germany, it took only a minority of the population to control the whole country by dominating whole German people. Because the Germans had a Christian and Jewish background, however, their real culture lingered under the surface of Nazi repression.

In the case of Islam, there has been no other culture in most Muslim countries for centuries, so I’m not sure there is anything underneath the veneer of jihadist Islam to save.

But there is an entire globe of civilization that the jihadis want to conquer, and it’s worth fighting for, even if the O’Reillys of the world are afraid they might break a nail in doing so.

So, to paraphrase the contest’s winning artist, that is why we draw Mohammed.

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