The CPS Use Anti-Family, Anti-Christian Hate Groups to Target Their Victims

A friend of mine – a Christian homeschooling mother of 4 children – was visited these days by several armed policemen, in a time during the day when her husband was at work, and she was alone at home teaching her children. The cops asked questions, implying that she was abusing her children, and made clear threats about further “investigation” into the life of the family before they left.

After doing some investigation on her own, she found out that the cops were sent on information by the Children’s Protection Services in the area. The CPS, on their turn, were activated by an anonymous report sent to them by a member of a group calling itself “Free Jinger.” The official purpose of the group sounds innocent: “Childbearing. Childrearing. Gender equality. Religion. Race. Regionalism. A woman’s right to her body. Money/welfare.”

In reality, the group is heavily anti-Christian, anti-family, motivated by hatred against all mothers who have chosen to obey the Biblical commandment to raise their children as Christians, and to obey the Biblical commandments to discipline and teach their children according to the Bible. The group is also full of what Rush Limbaugh correctly called “sluts” before he incorrectly apologized: women who believe that the world owes them to bail them out of the consequences of their sexual immorality, that is, the taxpayers should pay for their abortions. Socialism and violent anti-Christian sentiments, is the true ideology of “Free Jinger.”

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The group finds its victims by going to all blogs run by Christian women who believe in (1) Christian homeschooling; and (2) Biblical rules for family life and discipline. Then they spy on the victim, until they find something for which they can send a report to the local Children’s Protection Services in the area. When the report is sent – anonymous, of course – the CPS is more than happy to oblige and send the police to “investigate.” The result is constant harassment against Christian families, by those who hate the Christian family and the Christian faith.

The language used on the forums of the group is indicative as to the true sentiments of the members. Obscenities are not blocked. “I want to break that bitch’s face” is one of the more quotable reactions to mothers who care for their children’s education and upbringing. The group openly discusses that the goal is to intimidate and break the resolve of the Christian mothers. It even has its own hit list of Christian blogs and sites which it works to subvert and eventually silence through intimidation.

It is a group motivated by evil. And CPS is happy to do their bidding. Because CPS too is motivated by evil, by hatred against the family, against the parents, and especially against Christian parents and Christian families and against the Christian faith.

The ultimate goal of this unholly alliance, of course, is to destroy the family. When the children are taken out of the family, they become dependent, and eventually subservient to the state. The goal of the group is nothing less than what Stalin did in Russia, and Hitler did in Germany: create an army of slaves by separating the children from their families. And both Stalin and Hitler had one arch-enemy: the Christian family. The Christian family had the audacity to teach the children that there was a higher authority than the state, and therefore the state did not deserve unconditional obedience.

It’s about time to end the CPS. Courts and communities are enough to protect the children, where protection is really needed. The state’s social services do not protect children, they are out to destroy them and enslave them. The more free rein we allow CPS and such anti-Christian, anti-family groups like “Free Jinger” to have the closer we are to tyranny. And tyranny is not the world we want to leave for our children.

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