Nutty Uncle Joe Just What the Country Needed

So far, I’m loving these debates. Last night’s performance by “Laughing Joe” Biden was exactly what the voting population needed to see.

He was the ultimate Democrat: rude, mocking, lying, preening and more than a little bit crazy.

His strategy of loudly bloviating and shouting over the opponent was spot-on.

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Democrats have never understood what they were voting for in 2008. Last night’s vice presidential debate gave them a clear, unmediated, unscripted look.

Even the moderator’s attacks on Ryan contributed to the raw picture of this Administration.

Through it all, our guy remained cool. Ryan may not be an accomplished debater yet, but he showed more class and calm intelligence than Biden could have mustered given a year of prep time.

Taken with the first presidential debate, it’s a heck of a set of bookends. The president is a lying, incompetent, bullying dogmatist who doesn’t understand his own policies. The vice president is the same guy in miniature, a lackey who says, “good one, boss” on command.

These guys are like Dr. Frankenstein and Igor, wondering why their monster goes awry after installing a criminal’s brain. Or they’re like Kerney and Jimbo in the principal’s office shooting the breeze and laughing about beating up Milhaus.

Biden just couldn’t control himself. He laughed when the subject was nuclear weapons, he laughed when the subject was our slain ambassador and embassy personnel, he laughed when the subject was unemployment, he laughed when the subject was taxes.

This morning’s polls are confirming the effect of old “Uncle” Joe’s performance. Basically, the portion of the country that isn’t brain dead is appalled. Those who may have foolishly voted for Obama-Biden in 2008 this morning are showering repeatedly.

Of course, the hard-core Obama supporters think Joe was “feisty” and that he did a great job.

I think we should encourage that thinking. A couple more performances like that, and it’s going to be a GOP landslide.

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