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Victims Groups Oppose Trump’s ‘Justice Reform’ Bill

Gun-Free London Has Highest Murder Rate in a Decade

13-Year-Old Boy Punches Home Intruder In The Face

FBI Bucks Liberals and Refuses to Consider ‘Proud Boys’ an Extremist Group

Al Sharpton’s Anniversary: 23 Years Since He Incited Freddy’s Massacre

Angry and Destructive French Rioters: According to Rush Limbaugh, Shout ‘we want Trump’

What Are America’s Safest and Most Dangerous Cities?

And Yet ANOTHER Hoax ‘Hate Crime’ Exposed

Left’s Favorite Scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Investigated for Sexual Misconduct

Two American Teens Tortured and Shot Execution-Style During Visit to Mexico

Trump Operative Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty in Mueller Investigation

Clinton Operative and Dem. Pennsylvania Attny. Gen. Kathleen Kane Headed to Prison

Bronx Mother Murdered by Gunshot in the Eye from Gang Banger Firing Through Door Peephole

Dad Charged After 6-Year-Old Strangles 1-Year-Old Brother

WATCH: Fast Food Joint Closed Down After Employees Cooked Dead Rat on Burger Grill

Oregon Man Arrested for Trying to Bribe ICE Officials to Deport His Wife

Young Actress Files Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Avenatti

Man Beaten, Ankle Broken in Tucson Just Because He Had a Trump MAGA Hat On

Couple Who ‘Stole’ Homeless Veteran’s GoFundMe Cash Allegedly Conspired with Vet to Scam Donors

‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Abuse

‘Racist Scumbag, Leave Town!!’ Antifa Mob Roars Outside Tucker Carlson’s Home

U.S. Flag Mural Defaced in Small New York Town

Wisconsin Liberal Arrested for Trying to Buy Radioactive Material to Kill Republicans

Maybe We’re Getting The Motive for the Mailed Pipe ‘Bombs’ All Wrong

FBI Raids Officers of Mayor’s Offices of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Over Corruption Charges

Chicago Cop Who Shot Teenager 16 Times Declared Guilty of Murder

Illegal Alien and Obama ‘DREAMer’ Arrested for Smuggling Meth Into U.S.

Florida Taco Bell Under Investigation for Poisoning Police Officer’s Food

The Five-Page Report that Proves Christine Blasey Ford is Lying

Why Didn’t the Obama Administration Investigate the Supposed Russia Hacking?