Cross-Dressing In, Baggy Pants Out. Thank You for Flying with US Airways

It’s official, US Airways now cares more about pushing a disgusting behavior on its passengers than it does decency. The Liberal agenda shows its hypocrisy once again.

On June 15, 2011 a man was placed under citizens arrest by a US Airways pilot when one of the passengers refused (according to US Airways) or delayed (according to the man arrested) to pull up his baggy pants. The following is a statement made by the airline:

The passenger refused to comply with instructions, so the captain exercised his right to make a citizen’s arrest after passenger refused to deplane.

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I think an arrest is over the top for this situation. If it really was that big of a deal the airline could have escorted him off the plane with security until he either complied or left. The worst offense I can imagine is that he looked like an idiot with his pants so low or maybe his boxers were showing. Arrest a man for that? Give me a break. If that’s within the bounds of US Airways’ legal means to diffuse a situation they don’t like then fine. At least be consistent.

On June 9, 2011, only six days earlier than the above incident, an older gentleman boarded a US Airways’ flight wearing only women’s undergarments. Not only was this man scantily dressed, but passengers complained to airline employees who did nothing. A statement from US Airlines on this incident is as follows:

“We don’t have a dress code policy,” Wunder said. “Obviously, if their private parts are exposed, that’s not appropriate. … So if they’re not exposing their private parts, they’re allowed to fly.”

No dress code policy? Then why was the man with baggy pants arrested? Of course, Wunder didn’t comment about that incident. Sounds to me like they may have an agenda when it comes to “sexual preference.” What if he came to fly with his genitalia taped between his legs and a piece of cloth hanging over his rear? Is that appropriate? His privates wouldn’t be exposed.

If US Airways doesn’t have a problem with passengers flying in underwear, then the pilot who had the baggy pants man arrested needs to be reprimanded. He was in the wrong according to US Airways’ policy. Baggy pants is appropriate and makes you eligible to fly as long as your crack isn’t showing.

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