CT ME: Give Up Your Guns, Take Your Meds, & Stop Asking Questions!

Many months after we were promised a report on the Sandy Hook shootings we still know virtually nothing about Adam Lanza, and even less via official report.

Able Child is a a 501c3 non profit organization that concerned people formed to raise public awareness regarding the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children, as well as the risks of mandatory mental health screening. Their concerns may or may not be overblown. The only way to know is to gather all pertinent information and, to use a cliché, “have an honest discussion about it.”

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There are plenty of people who advocate the use of psychotropic drugs on children. Granted many of them directly profit from the use of those drugs or seem to have eugenicist beliefs that justify the use of such drugs, but there are still enough of them that we can hope that the pro-drug side will never be under-represented.

Able Child, on the other hand, is facing government censorship. They want to investigate Adam Lanza’s drug history and the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Officer won’t release the information. So they made a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request. Their logic is obvious:

“Many would agree that to prevent future tragedies from occurring like those in Newtown and Littleton, Colorado we should have a deeper understanding of what the key components and common factors are that drive a person to such acts of violence.”

The reason for denying their request couldn’t be more blatant. The video above is from the FOIA hearing. Note the response from the assistant attorney general, Patrick B. Kwanashie to the possibility of releasing the information about what drugs Adam Lanza was taking:

“It is harmful because then you can cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications… and stop cooperating with their treating physicians.”

What idiots these information overlords assume the people to be! And what gods they pretend to be!

Kwanashie has stated the official position of the government: We can’t be trusted to look at all the evidence and make an informed decision so it is the job of the state Medical Examiner’s Office to censor the truth and prevent us from having any facts at our disposal that could possibly lead anyone to question their doctor’s orders to drug up their child.

If the ME’s office doesn’t release the information, some patriot out there needs to go all Snowden on them, sneak into the office, steal it, and publish it. If you work for the Connecticut government, have access to the information, and refuse to release it to the public then you are a traitor to the American people.

In the meantime, because the government keeps us ignorant about Adam Lanza, they are able to more plausibly focus all blame on guns and use the censored story to keep attacking the Second Amendment.

The mainstream media is totally compliant. This should be headline news as I write this, not something reported in a few alternative news sources.

The message is clear: We know what is good for you. We will tell you the relevant information. Now stop questioning, disarm yourself, and take your meds.

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