Cuts In Proposed Increases Are “Austerity Measures”

The New York Times ran an article about the coming sequestration, and they referred to the cuts in proposed increases as “austerity”:

 “[T]he turn toward austerity is set to accelerate on Friday if the mandatory federal spending cuts known as sequestration start to take effect as scheduled. Those cuts would join an earlier round of deficit reduction measures passed in 2011 and the wind-down of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that already have reduced the federal government’s contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product by almost 7 percent in the last two years.”

 If they call these fake spending cuts austerity, what do they call taxes that hit the poor and the middle class the hardest? I think they call that “shared sacrifice.” It’s only shared among non-government workers. If you don’t work for the government, then you have to pay your fair share to the people that “take care” of us. We have to pay them off like they’re the mob, except they’re worse than the mob.

Liberals don’t want to cut government funding because they think that in times of economic recession, the government needs to be spending a lot. They think that the government is what keeps the economic engine going. If the government is not able to consume, then businesses’ profits will dry up. In their mind, it’s the safety net when the free market fails, which according to them, happens all the time.

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If the government all of sudden stopped consuming tomorrow, some businesses’ profits probably would dry up, because they had grown so dependent on government contracts.

But the reason small businesses are having to fold is not because government consumption has been down. They’re failing because we don’t have a free market. We haven’t had a free market in ages. Businesses fail because of laws, regulations and taxes. They fail because the government tells business owners how to run their own business just about every step of the way. They tell them they have to provide insurance coverage. And not just any insurance coverage. It has to cover abortions, contraceptives and sterilizations. They force businesses to pay their employees a minimum wage, which keeps rising. To start the business, you’ve got to get through all the bureaucratic red tape at the local level just to be recognized as a business. It’s very expensive to pay off the “boss” in order to start a small business. This is why so many have trouble just staying afloat.

Liberals like pointing to Europe as an example of why “austerity doesn’t work.” They say it leads to riots and the breakdown of social order. I’m sure they’d also say that taking heroin away from a heroin addict is a bad idea because it will result in withdrawal symptoms.

The problem is not austerity. And it’s definitely not the cuts in proposed increases. The problem is government dependency. When people have grown dependent on government for their well-being, and then when that government suddenly cuts welfare payments or narrows their eligibility criteria, those dependent on it will get angry. They’ll get angry because they were told they had rights to other people’s money. They had “entitlements.” But the government is not capable of making good on their promises. It can create, tax and borrow money only for so long before they have no choice but to let the whole thing collapse.

But the fact that they would even compare the sequestration hysteria to European austerity measures is ludicrous. The government is purposely overreacting in order to get the GOP to compromise on raising taxes or in some way growing government.

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