Dallas Bathroom Bill Passed Behind Closed Doors

When liberal politicians refuse to learn from the mistakes of other liberal politicians, I can’t help but think of the famous line from the movie Forest Gump – ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’

Last year, Houston’s radical lesbian mayor forced the passage of a city ordinance known as the HERO law. Her ordinance allowed anyone to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice and any business that defied the law faced a $5,000 fine. When Christian leaders protested the mayor it launched illegal attacks against them. However, religious leaders were able to get the HERO bill on the ballot. Earlier this month, Houston residents overwhelmingly voted the HERO bill down.

Not learning from the mistakes made in Houston, the Dallas city council just met behind closed doors and passed a similar ordinance that allows anyone to use the public facilities of their choice. In other words, men can choose to use the ladies bathroom if they want to and vice versa.

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One member of the Dallas city council said that their new ordinance was not a bathroom ordinance but just an update to the city’s 2002 anti-discrimination law. Houston said the same thing, but everyone there and in the media called it a bathroom bill because that’s what it basically was and so is Dallas’ new ordinance.

Prior to the closed door passage of the Dallas bathroom bill, opponents ran ads featuring Paul Witherspoon, who claims to be a transgender person. He spent time in prison for child molestation and was arrested in 2012 for entering a woman’s bathroom at a hospital in Dallas.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values said that the reason the Dallas city council fast tracked the new ordinance language behind closed doors is because they knew they did not have enough public support for it. He also said that this will come up to a vote by Dallas residents who he believes will overwhelmingly defeat the new ordinance in the same way Houston’s residents did.

Dana Loesch, the woman interviewing Dallas Councilman Phillip Kingston in the video above, said that she is very uncomfortable with the idea that an anatomically correct man can use a woman’s bathroom just because the man thinks of himself as a woman. She also said that she’s heard from a number of women who are also concerned about men using the ladies bathroom.

I also liked the question Loesch asked about the rights of a few being more important than the rights of many, referring to the rights of women. This is happening all over America. One person complains and ends up getting preferential treatment over the rights of many. Gay rights and illegal aliens are a prime example. Gays whined and cried and now they have special rights over normal people and Christian business owners. Illegals complained about students who displayed the American flag and the patriotic students were the ones that lost their rights to be patriotic.

Hopefully Saenz is right and the people of Dallas will overwhelming defeat the city’s new bathroom not a bathroom bill and protect the safety of women and children. It’s time liberal politicians and courts stop trampling on the rights of the majority in favor of a minority that live an abominable sinful lifestyle or who are in our country illegally. The majority of Americans need to stand up and make their voices heard by driving these liberal politicians and judges out of office.

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