Dancing Through Ferguson: Obama Parties as Missouri Town Riots

“A good time was had by all,” according to the official White House press release describing how President Obama spent Wednesday night at a birthday party for a long-time friend and supporter.

Looting, rioting, burning and plundering is how many people in Ferguson, Missouri, spent their Wednesday night, the fourth night of violence and unrest since a white police officer shot a black teenager over the weekend.

The shooting of Michael Brown led to mass rioting and pillaging over the past four days, including the burning of at least one store and the looting of numerous businesses. The killing and ensuing violence have brought out racial animosity in the town that has lured the usual race hucksters, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

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Jackson penned a widely published op-ed piece telling people to “demand justice” in Ferguson, while Sharpton was trying to meet with Brown’s family and mugging for the press.

To hear Brown’s family and supporters tell it, he and a friend were just walking on their way to his grandmother’s house when a police officer stopped them and shot Brown in cold blood while he was unarmed and had his hands in the air.

Details from the police have been scant as the even is investigated, but authorities did reveal that the officer had multiple marks on his face.

The story being told by sources who demand to remain anonymous says that Brown and his friend stopped at a local convenience store to shoplift some soda and snacks, the store owner called the police, and the officer caught the two as they were fleeing the scene.

According to these unconfirmed reports, Brown struggled with the officer, pushing him back into his police car and trying to take his gun. The officer reportedly retained control of the weapon and fired during the struggle, resulting in Brown’s death.

We don’t know for sure if either version of the shooting is true, but the facts seem to have nothing to do with the turmoil in Ferguson. Rather, the shooting and the allegations of racism are just an excuse for violence and looting by people who have been trained — in school, by the media and by so-called leaders — to behave like animals at the drop of a hat.

The movie “The Purge” is a violent, sado-masochistic film apparently intended as an attack on conservative values that postulates a future near-utopia that annually indulges in a night of anarchy and lawlessness where anything goes. In Ferguson, you’ve got the reality to counter such liberal fantasies as a community where black families have been fed a steady diet of liberal victimhood indulge in what liberals always seem to do, rampaging through the community, destroying things until they get their way.

As Ferguson rioters yelled “no justice, no peace,” the police chief has refused to divulge the name of the officer involved in the shooting because of the credible death threats that have been received.

Meanwhile, back at Martha’s Vineyard, King Putt and his wife “danced every dance,” as the White House press release put it. Also at the birthday party were the rest of the Washington pantheon, including the Clintons, real president Valerie Jarrett and a host of other officials.

On the menu was “surf and turf,” meaning ultra-expensive Kobe beef and seafood that most of us can scarcely afford these days. It’s a safe bet there was plenty of wine flowing as well.

Meanwhile in Ferguson, gun sales have soared as residents have bought weapons in the past few days to protect themselves, seeing how the police are either powerless or unwilling to do so.

In Martha’s Vineyard, the Obamas “were grateful to have been able to share this special evening.”

In Ferguson, residents were probably grateful to make it through the night.

At least “a good time was had by all.”


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