DC Traffic: Sign of Government Gluttony

A recent study revealed that Washington DC has the worst traffic congestion of any other city in the country.  Drivers in DC spend an average of 74 hours a year stuck in traffic, burning 37 gallons of gas at a cost of $1,495 a year which also includes lost wages from being late to work.

According to local experts, the traffic congestion in the nation’s Capitol is due to a strong economy with a plethora of jobs along with numerous construction projects.  Sean Connaughton, Virginia’s Transportation Secretary put it this way:

“This is one of those odd times when bad news is good news.  The reason we have more congestion is that the Washington region has a very strong economy. I go to other parts of the state and they say they have no transportation problems.”

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While some see this as a sign of a thriving local economy, I see it as a sign of gluttony by the federal government.  It is a symptom of a greater problem just as obesity can be a symptom of an eating disorder.

Under the Obama administration, thousands of new government jobs have been created, many in conjunction with Obamacare.  In an economy that is causing people and businesses in the private world to have to cut back and tighten their belts, the federal government has been spending and growing out of control.

This is not what our Founding Fathers envisioned when they established the federal government.  It’s also why groups like the Tea Party have sprouted up and become vocal opponents to the federal gluttony.  Some of the Republican presidential candidates, including Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Ron Paul, have also spoken against the obesity of the federal government and the need to start trimming off some of the fat.

I hope and pray that in the 2012 election we get a President and Congress who is serious about performing liposuction and a gastric bypass on the federal government to help it trim itself back down to a more manageable and financially healthier condition.

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