Dead Cat Gets More Media Coverage Than Murdered Million in Washington Post

January 24 marked the anniversary of Roe v Wade.  Over half a million people gathered in Washington DC for the 39th March for Life.  Their goal is to get Congress to overturn the abortion ruling in an effort to save 1 million babies from being brutally murdered in their mother’s womb.

A number of news media reported on the March for Life and ran stories on the pro-abortion and pro-life issues like they do every year.  Both sides do their best to stir up the pot in hopes that something they say will persuade others to take their side and still the battle rages on as it has for past 39 years.

That is everyone except the Washington Post who only produced few lines of coverage for the annual pro-life march whereas they ran 12 paragraphs on a dead cat in Arkansas.

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The 5 year old son of Jacob Burris, the campaign manager for Ken Aden, a Democratic congressional candidate from Arkansas, discovered the family’s cat in front of this house.  The cat had been killed and the word ‘liberal’ painted on the cat’s body.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge animal lover and totally believe that the killing of the cat was wrong and inhumane.  The parties involved should be punished to the highest degree of the law.

But don’t you think ripping a defense child apart limb from limb is also inhumane and cruel?  Or what about injecting the child full of saline solution, literally poisoning it to death with salt?  Or what about some of the late term abortions that deliver a child that is still alive so the staff run a scissor into the back of the neck and head to sever the spinal cord to kill the child?

Evidently, the Washington Post has more concern over the killing of one cat than it does for the annual slaughter of a million human babies and the amount of coverage they gave to each news story is evidence of their liberal callousness and disregard for human life.

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