Dead People Vote But Live People Denied Healthcare Because Feds Say They’re Dead

If you recall last year, there were thousands of dead people that voted in the primary and general elections.  Despite efforts of Republicans to clean up voter registration rolls to eliminate dead people, non-citizens and convicted felons, US Attorney General Eric Holder used his Justice Department to block all cleanup efforts.  After all, the Democrats needed all of the dead people’s votes along with the votes of convicted felons and non-citizens in order for Obama to win re-election.

Now we are seeing the opposite problem with the Obamacare exchange program.  Living Americans are being denied healthcare because the government has declared them dead, even though they are alive and well.  It seems that every month the federal government declares at least 750 people to be dead when they are very much alive.  With the new government databases for healthcare, being declared dead has a drastic negative impact on a person’s ability to seek medical treatment and it’s even affecting their doctors.

Here is how the problem works.  The Social Security Administration maintains a Death Master File which is then shared by a number of other government agencies including Medicare and the IRS.  When the SSA receives a notice that someone has died, they automatically enter the information into their master file without any verification of the information.  Once a death has been wrongfully entered into the system, it is very difficult to get it corrected because it has already been disseminated to other agencies.  Dr. Lawrence Huntoon, a neurologist from Derby, New York explained:

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“The problem is once wrong information gets into the electronic database, it’s very difficult to get it corrected or get it out of there.  What happens is the flawed data is now spread more efficiently among different agencies, and that’s not good.”

However, if you ask the Social Security Administration about the accuracy of the Death Master File, they will admit that inaccuracy was built into the system.  One SSA employee explained:

“We get criticized for not having all these records be accurate, and the fact is, they were never intended to be 100-percent accurate.”

Huntoon shared what happened to one of his patients with WND.  An 80 year old female patient was declared dead by Medicare and the information was shared with other agencies through Obama’s central database system.  Consequently, Medicare denied all of her medical bills because they insisted she was dead.  Huntoon sent around 20 letters to Medicare stating that he is a board certified neurologist and that his patient was very much alive.  He explains the responses he received from Medicare:

“Each time I contacted them, rather than accept my diagnosis that she was alive, they insisted that I, as a licensed physician in the State of New York, was wrong, and they were correct in determining the woman was dead.”

So what happens if a person has been declared dead by the government and they go to the emergency room for treatment?  Most states have laws that say the emergency room must treat a person regardless, but treating someone previously declared dead could result in serious repercussions for the hospital, as explained by Huntoon:

“A hospital could actually be accused of fraud by the federal government for providing care to a dead person.”

In the case of his 80 year old patient, he ended up contacting his congressman in Washington who then went to Medicare and finally got the woman’s records corrected.  He didn’t say how long it took to completely filter through the system to everyone.

Huntoon also described another problem with the central databases that involved his own mother-in-law:

“My mother-in-law, who is in her 90s now, has it in her medical records that she is a smoker, but she has never smoked a day in her life.  This claim is now out there for doctors all across the country to see, despite it not being true.”

“We’re beginning to see a pattern of incompetence here that is manifesting itself with the rollout of Obamacare and the website.  What is stunning is how they actually argue with you. Even when they are totally proven wrong, they never say they are sorry, because they aren’t.”

So while our federal government vigorously protects the right of dead people to vote, they also vigorously defend their declaration of someone’s death even though the person is alive and walking around.  While they desperately need dead people’s votes, they also need to get living people off of the Medicare rolls so they don’t have to pay for their care.  It’s a hypocritical two-edged sword.

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