Dead People Voting in New Hampshire Primary – Why Democrats Don’t Want Photo ID

The Democratic Party has repeatedly fought against any state or federal measure that would require a photo ID for anyone casting a vote. They claim that it somehow discriminates against minorities. Ironically, their argument amounts to a form of racial profiling and is not any different than the charges they have leveled against others including Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Tuesday was the New Hampshire primary which may be one of the most highly publicized and watched primaries in the nation. Filmmaker James O’Keefe went from precinct to precinct requesting to vote under the names of numerous dead people. In every instance, the poll workers just asked him to verify name and address and then handed him a ballot. On camera, he repeatedly asked if they needed to see an ID and he was repeatedly told no, it wasn’t necessary. Watch the video for yourself:

In many of the instances shown on the video, O’Keefe didn’t even need to know the address of the deceased as the poll worker read the address off and asked if that was right.  No identification and no address necessary, just a name and you can vote, no questions asked.

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At the two minute mark in the video, the poll worker states that an ID of any kind is not necessary and then tells O’Keefe that if someone else came in and wanted to vote using the same name that they would be denied because they already have the name checked off.  Under this type of open system, it wouldn’t take much for a group of Democrats to obtain a list of registered Republican voters, show up at the polls early and place a vote for Obama and other Democrats in the November election.  If and when the real Republican shows up to vote, they won’t be allowed to since the name has already been checked off.

At the 7:52 mark in the video, the investigator interviews a New Hampshire Ward Moderator who explains that the names of dead people are purged as soon as they know they are dead.  He says that they have staff watching the obituaries on a daily basis and they are using other means to identify deceased voters.  Notice that he says the names are purged within several days of the death while some of the deceased names used in the investigation were from back in October and November.

There are so many ways of committing voter fraud in New Hampshire and any other state that does not require any type of identification, especially a photo ID.  Perhaps this is one of the primary reasons why Democrats don’t want photo IDs required to vote?  It could make a significant difference and alter the outcome in many local, state and federal elections.

This is exactly why Republicans in a number of states and the federal government have been pushing to require a photo ID for all voters to prevent just such a thing from happening.

This video and the evidence that O’Keefe uncovered in New Hampshire needs to be taken to the floor of the House and Senate in every state and in Washington DC.  It needs to be presented as evidence to justify the need for a photo ID for voting.  It’s bad enough that the courts keep overturning the majority decisions of voters, but now we have evidence of the possibility of widespread voter fraud.  Urge your state and federal senators and representatives to watch this video and show it to their colleagues and demand that they take action to prevent further voter fraud from occurring.

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