Debate, Shmebate: California Politicians Churning Out Anti-Gun Laws

Politicians in California, which already has the strictest gun-control laws in the country, are not hesitating to use Friday’s Connecticut school massacre to pile on even more pointless restrictions.

According to Democrat Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, it’s not the number of anti-gun laws that’s important (never enough!), but the fact that there are still holes that need plugging.

California already investigates and licenses gun dealers and buyers, requires a waiting period and background check, demands registration of guns including rifles, prohibits carrying weapons either concealed or publicly, restricts types of ammo and magazine capacity, and generally behaves like an overbearing nanny in any aspect of gun ownership.

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Faux-publican state Sen. Ted Gaines on Tuesday proposed a law to permanently eliminate the rights of someone who’s been determined “mentally ill” to own a gun. Current state law temporarily removes gun-ownership rights from some mentally ill patients, but those people can petition to have their rights restored once they have been treated.

“Although California has the toughest gun laws in the nation, there is a loophole that must be closed,” Gaines wrote in a press release.

Democrat state Sen. Leland Yee on Tuesday said he would re-introduce previously rejected legislation banning rapid-loading devices.

Democrat Sen. Kevin de León proposed legislation that would require a $50 permit and annual background check just to buy ammunition.

“For too long, too much ground has been ceded in this debate about reasonable gun and ammunition control,” he said. “We will not capitulate any longer. I, for one, have had it.”

De Leon failed to explain how the new laws would stop criminals or crazy people from shooting up a school, but I’ve been getting the feeling that actually preventing massacres is not really on the anti-gun agenda in California or federally.

What it’s all about of course is control. Why else would you want to take away a person’s right to defend himself unless you didn’t want him defending himself against you?

Like all bullies, the anti-gun zealots’ Achilles’ heel is their personal fear, which dominates their thinking. If gun owners stick together, the rats will crawl back into their holes.


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