Dem Candidate for TX Gov. Adds Fuel to Own Political Funeral Pyre

If Texans were paying any kind of attention to the governor’s campaign, they should be aware that they can’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the leading Democratic candidate Wendy Davis.

Back in January I reported how Davis had fabricated and greatly exaggerated her past so as to gain sympathy from voters.  Her lies about her younger days are eerily similar to those told by another Harvard Law School grad, Elizabeth Warren who still went on to win the US Senate seat from Massachusetts despite her lies.

Like Warren, Davis has not learned the importance of being truthful and is counting on the people of Texas to be so stupid and gullible that they will vote for her anyway.  Now she is publicly criticizing her Republican opponent State Attorney General Greg Abbott.

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On National Equal Pay Day, Davis tweeted about Abbott’s supposed wage gender gap.  It was obvious that she was intentionally making him look like an enemy to all working women in the state.

However, The Daily Caller pointed out that Davis should be tweeting about her own wage gender gap before she points an ugly finger at Abbott.  They examined documents and open records about how much Davis paid her staffers between January 2009 and October 2013.  In 2010, Ware Wendell, Davis’ Chief of Staff, was paid $8,851 a month while in 2013 Chief of Staff Sonya Gregg was only paid $6,250 a month.  That’s a 29.4% difference, which is far higher than the national average is only 5%.

During the period looked at, Davis paid her male staffers a total of $1,143,357 and female staffers were paid $837,481, for a difference of $305,876 or 27%.  Additionally, she hired more male staffers during the time period than female staffers.

This should be no surprise when you look at Davis’s lack of honesty and ethics.  She tried to make herself out to be a gun enthusiast back in February.  She took the opportunity on stage to have her photo taken holding a gun.  Anyone who has ever had anything to do with guns could easily see that she was not sure how to hold a gun, making her photo op a joke.

Then there was the instance back in January when Davis’ campaign supporters started questioning the reality of GOP opponent Abbott’s need for a wheelchair.  They demanded to see Abbott’s medical records to prove that he is a paraplegic.  They failed to accept that Abbott has been wheelchair bound for 30 years since an accident that rendered him a paraplegic.  It’s ironic that Democrats demand Abbott’s medical records yet defend Barack Obama’s hiding of all his records.

When you add it all up, Wendy Davis can’t be trusted to tell the truth, much like her leader in the White House.  I hope the people of Texas are smarter than the people in Massachusetts and that they send Greg Abbott to the governor’s mansion and send Wendy Davis packing her bags for who knows where.

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