Dem Congressman Equates Giving Obama Blank Check to Lincoln’s Freeing the Slaves

Sometimes I find it completely impossible to understand how some people can have such warped ideas.  One of the most warped ideas I’ve heard lately, and there have a number of them, is that of Democratic Congressman Danny Davis.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Davis said that Obama should have the power to increase the nation’s debt ceiling to whatever level he wants without the permission of Congress.  Then he equated that power to being equal to the power that Lincoln used when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed all of the slaves in America:

Not to sound racist, but it was no surprise to learn that Rep. Davis is a black who also represents downtown Chicago and the area just north of there.  In other words, he is a homeboy Obamanite who worships his friend in the White House.  So knowing this, his idea of giving Obama a blank check is not that surprising.

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What is surprising and warped is his comparison of giving Obama a blank check to Lincoln freeing the slaves.  Lincoln’s actions freed thousands of people that were held in bondage without their permission.  What he wants to give Obama will enslave millions of Americans with uncontrollable debt that will hold us in endless financial bondage without our permission.

The actions are completely, 180 degrees, diametrically opposed to each other.  Lincoln freed people and Obama will enslave people and that’s somehow supposed to be a justifiable comparison?  To be honest, I see Davis’ comments as being racist, offensive and downright dangerous.    Liberal blacks all across the country seem to have no problem in just granting complete dictatorial powers to Obama and eliminating Congress entirely.  The scary part is that Obama has been actively working towards that already.

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