Dem Congresswoman Compares Niger Soldiers’ Deaths to Benghazi

The same Democratic congresswoman who is accusing President Trump of making insensitive remarks to the pregnant widow of an American soldier killed in Niger is speaking out again. This time her comments are even more ignorant than her original 15 minutes of fame.

Representative Frederica Wilson is making a ridiculous comparison between the four Green Berets killed in Niger and the four Americans killed in Benghazi in 2012. She actually said that this unfortunate incident is “his Benghazi.”

Wilson said to American Urban Radio Networks on Wednesday, “This is his Benghazi, and that is the reason why it took him so long to acknowledge it had happened.”

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The Hill reports:

The president has received criticism for his delayed response to the death of the soldiers, who were killed in Niger earlier this month in an ambush.

According to CBS News, the four Green Berets who lost their lives while patrolling in Niger were considered low risk. They did not have any indication that they would make contact with the enemy. It came to great surprise when the dozens of militants suddenly ambushed them.

The attack occurred on Oct. 4 when the commandos were on a joint patrol near the Mali border about 120 miles north of Niamey, Niger’s capital. Four Nigerien soldiers were also killed in the attack, which U.S. officials have said was likely conducted by extremists linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

A U.S. official tells CBS News that the patrol was considered low risk and as a result the soldiers were not protected by air cover. French fighter jets arrived about 30 minutes into the firefight, the official said.

Unlike Benghazi, these men were not abandoned and left for dead. There was no anticipation of them ever encountering the enemy.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton would like to come out and state her infamous line to the families of the fallen soldiers from Niger? In response to the Banghazi attack she heartlessly said, “What difference does it make?”

I’ll tell you what difference it makes, Americans lost their lives! President Trump made it his business to call the families of these fallen soldiers and offer his deepest condolences.

This is nothing like Banghazi.

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