Dem Says Legalizing 11 Million Illegals Will Help Fix Obamacare

I’ve heard some pretty farfetched and bizarre statements out of Democrats in the past few years, especially from Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, but Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) may have just topped the charts.

On Friday, Polis urged Congress to move ahead on the pathway of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens as a way of fixing part of the problems with Obamacare.  He believes that everyone in America should be covered by Obamacare, including illegals and that making them citizens will allow them to purchase health insurance instead of receiving all of the free care they are getting now at our expense.

Polis explained:

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“American citizens are essentially being forced to pay for the health care costs of people who are here illegally every day, until we pass comprehensive immigration reform.  We’re wondering why rates are going up. … It’s no surprise. When somebody doesn’t have insurance, their costs are shifted onto other people that do.”

His solution is to immediately pass House Res. 15, the Democrats version of immigration reform that would not only open the pathway to citizenship, but make illegals eligible for Obamacare now.  He believes that this would bring the costs down for everyone by forcing illegals to purchase their own coverage.

The only part of his statement that I agree with is that Americans have to pay for medical care given to illegal aliens.  As I’ve said before, many hospitals and urgent care centers within 100 miles of the Mexican border have had to close their doors because they could no longer afford to operate by providing care to illegals who cannot afford to pay and are not forced to do so.

However, making them citizens won’t help Obamacare or the medical field.  In fact it will only make things worse.  Many of the illegals work at lower wages than most Americans.  If millions of American’s can’t afford the Obamacare prices, how does Polis expect illegals to afford it?

The policies they’ll be able to afford will most likely be those at the bottom tiers, which requires the policy holder to pay a larger percentage of the medical costs.  If they can barely afford to purchase an Obamacare bottom tier plan, how are they supposed to pay for all of the out of pocket cost that they will incur?  If anything, this will only help drive prices higher to cover all of the unpaid expenses racked up by financially strapped illegals.

Another matter to consider is that making illegals citizens will force thousands of employers to pay them minimum wage or higher.  This will result in many employers hiring fewer people and/or driving the cost of products higher.  It will also mean that 11 million former illegals will continue to compete with American citizens for jobs when the job market is already greatly depressed and jobs hard to find.

Making illegals legal will only add to the government assistant rolls.  It will add several million more people to the food stamps and Medicare rolls and who do you think has to pay for that?  Adding millions of illegals to the system will only overtax government entitlements, Obamacare and a weak job market.

When you think about Rep. Polis’s idea, it’s like adding more water to a swamp in order to make it dry land.  It will only exasperate an already crippled nation and could be the final straw that breaks our economic backbone.

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