Democrat Congressman’s Son Caught On Tape Assisting Voter Fraud

Democrats from Washington DC to across the nation continue to claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist.  Maybe what they need to be saying is that they don’t want anyone to know about their voter fraud and pretend it doesn’t exist, but exist it does.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) was sworn in as a member of the U.S House of Representatives in January 1991.  The former Mayor of Arlington, Virginia is nearing the end of his 11th term in Congress and seemed like a safe bet for re-election.  That is until his son was caught on tape discussing how to commit voter fraud.

Pat Moran, Field Director for his father’s election campaign is a full-time paid employee of that campaign. He was approached by an undercover reporter for Veritas and asked how to could a couple of people get away with voting for a 100 other people who supposedly were not going to vote.  Pat Moran suggests they forge utility bills with names and addresses for the people as that should pass for identification on Election Day.  At one point, he even seems to offer the aid of attorneys working for the Obama campaign.

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After being caught on video, Pat Moran has resigned from his father’s campaign and says that he should have just walked away when he was first approached.  He denies that he engaged in any illegal or unethical behavior and claims that he was joking around with the reporter.

Now the question needs to be asked if he will face any prosecution for the election laws he violated as stated on the video.  The problem is that it would be up to state and/or federal officials to pursue any legal action against him, but that seems doubtful since they are both Democratic controlled.

Had Jim Moran been a Republican, this news story would be plastered all over the national media and Eric Holder would have his hounds on the attack, going after young Moran.

But this is not an isolated incident.  From the beginning of this year and primary elections, we’ve seen dead people, pets and illegal aliens voting.  Yet the Dems keep assuring us that voter fraud doesn’t exist.  Maybe in their minds it’s not voter fraud but job protection strategy?  Anyone as delusional as those who say it doesn’t happen in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary can delusionally rationalize anything they do and it seems that’s just what they’re doing.

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