Democrat Leader says Obama is ‘Misguided’ on Cuba

New Jersey Democrat and Senator Bob Menendez is a Cuban American with years of foreign policy experience, and he is not happy with President Obama’s decision-making process on the Cuba front. While most of the major network news programming has made it seem that the Republicans have been Obama’s major opposition to normalization of relations with Cuba, the truth is that, just like the Iran deal, leading Democrats and Republicans have been opposed to his Cuba negotiations.


Team Obama just seems incapable of realizing that these nations (Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, etc.) have been bad actors for years and have been routinely lying, cheating and stealing from the rest of the planet. There is a reason that many of the sanctions currently in place were enacted in the first place! But team Obama has chosen to operate as if they live in a vacuum where their decisions have no repercussions and there is no reason for distrust in their negotiations with the bad guys.

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Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is one man who is not amused by the Obama administrations foreign policy decisions.


Well, I think the president has a misguided calculation that if you open your hands to dictators that they will unclinch their fists. And while Raul Castro may have said some nice things about President Obama, at the same time, just last month, we had 600 arrests of innocent people inside of Cuba who were detained, many political activists and human rights activists who are not allowed to leave the country to go to the Panama summit and last year we had 1,600 detentions and there are still many long prisoners sitting and languishing in Castro’s jails.

And when you say that and provide those facts as well as their violations of armed shipments and contravention to international law and a whole host of other things like having one of the ten top terrorists of the FBI list in their country, then people change their attitude about what this policy is all about.


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