Democrat Senatorial Candidate Product of Affirmative Action

Democrat Elizabeth Warren joined the ranks of other unethical Democrats taking the podium to speak at the Democratic National Convention.  Michelle Obama lied about her and Barack’s early years of marriage. Bill Clinton, well, we all know about his favorite accomplishments in the Oval Office.  Joe Biden continued to prove to the world that he hasn’t a clue about reality.  And Barack Obama took the final podium and also lied about his early years and his supposed accomplishments as President.

When I heard that Elizabeth Warren had been asked to speak at the DNC, I first wondered to myself why her.  At first I guessed that it had something to do with boosting her chances of defeating Republican Senator Scott Brown, but then I realized that she had earned her chance for fame by lying and misrepresenting herself and her background.  But as I started to look a little closer, I realized that her entire career has been a sham and the DNC paraded her out as their shining example of Affirmative Action.

If you recall earlier this year, Warren made the news when it was learned that her claims to be American Indian proved to be highly questionable.  From 1986 through 1995, Warren used her supposed Indian ethnicity to claim minority status, giving her a better chance to obtain her position as a professor at Harvard Law School.  When Sen. Brown’s staff began to question Warren’s heritage, she first denied she ever did it, but after irrefutable evidence was made public, she tried her best to excuse it.  Later on, it was discovered that there was little evidence of Warren having any Indian background and if there was any, it was so far back that it could not be considered for minority status purposes.

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Now it turns out that there is evidence that Warren was hired by Harvard Law School despite highly questionable credentials.  In 1989, Warren co-authored a book, As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America, along with Teresa A. Sullivan and Jay Lawrence Westbrook.  The book was reviewed by Phillip Schuchman, a law professor at Rutgers for their Law Review.  In his review, Schuchman included the following comments about the book:

“…even their flawed findings…”

“…made their raw data unavailable…”

“In my opinion, the authors have engaged in repeated instances of scientific misconduct.”

[The work] “contains so much exaggeration, so many questionable ploys, and so many incorrect statements that it would be well to check the accuracy of their raw data, as old as it is.”

In 1990, her qualifications to teach at Harvard Law School were questioned by an academic law journal, but none of this deterred Harvard from hiring her.

And why did they ignore her less than honorable background?  According to a 1994 interview with Robert Clark, then Dean of the Harvard Law School and Greg Stohr of the Harvard Law Record:

“We’re clearly trying to add more women to the faculty.”

Stohr went on to write:

“Clark said HLS was engaging ‘affirmative action’ to the extent it was working to increase the number of women considered and interviewed.  He also said the Law School would be willing to hire a qualified woman, even if her area of expertise did not fit an immediate need, but he stopped short of saying the school would lower its qualification requirements for women.”

“I guess what we’re not ready to do is to have a different standard.”

Yet in 1992, Harvard Law School hired Warren as a law professor and then extended tenure to her only 3 short years later.  I know a number of professors at various universities that would love to have tenure offered to them after only 3 years as some of waited ten years and longer without getting it.

Among the rank of prestigious professors at Harvard, Warren is the only one that did not graduate from a top-ten law school.  At the time she graduated from Rutgers, it was ranked 82nd in law school rankings.

So Elizabeth Warren has less than acceptable academic credentials and only received her position and tenure at Harvard Law School due to Affirmative Action.  She also has questionable morals and ethics for apparently falsifying her claims of American Indian lineage and then using that to obtain minority privileges.

Yep, Elizabeth Warren surely did earn her rightful position on the DNC podium with all of the other Democratic leaders of questionable character.

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