Democratic Convention: Let the Immorality Games Begin

It was inevitable that a political party that has chosen abortion and gay “marriage” as two of its biggest issues would be wallowing in the gutter at its national convention.

The three-day Democratic Party main event hadn’t even opened yet when a couple of delegates were already being hustled out for drunkenness.

One of the most popular items being passed out to conventioneers was buttons reading “Sluts Vote.” That goes back to the episode earlier this year when the Democrats sneaked an apparently highly libidinous college student into what was supposed to be a hearing on the religious freedom implications of the Obamacare mandate to churches.

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Sandra Fluke became an instant media and bathroom-wall celebrity when she whined that her contraceptive bill was driving her to bankruptcy. Rush Limbaugh lit the fuse on the Democrats’ trap when he referred to Fluke on air as a “slut”. It became the outrage of the news cycle, despite “slut” being a rather kind word for what Ms. Fluke described as her sinful lifestyle, and despite the many more illustrative words liberals often have for women in Hollywood movies, television, rap albums and so forth.

So naturally, Democrats are showing their respect for women with big ol’ buttons for the ladies. They go very well with Code Pinko’s female private parts costumes, no doubt.

To further demonstrate their respect for women — and the country — there will also be a Planned Parenthood-sponsored “Sex, Politics and Cocktails” party at the Privilege Day Club and Night Club on Tuesday night.

I’m sure free condoms will be handed out with the cocktail weenies, but it sounds like Planned Parenthood is trying to drum up some business.

How out of touch does a political party have to be to advertise what sounds like an orgy while claiming its opponents are engaged in a “war on women”? Not only that, but it’s an exclusive orgy, held at an overpriced club in the middle of a nonstop recession that shows every sign of getting worse.

Of course one clear sign that there’s something seriously wrong at the DNC should have been the TSA gropings at the security checkpoints.

The TSA is apparently no longer just about airports. Now they’re working in cooperation with the Secret Service to feel up people at public venues.

Not only is this a disturbing vision of the Gestapo future the Democrats have planned for us all, but it’s like the TSA is guarding the doors to some sleazy frat party — “you gotta give some to get some, hon.”

Is this really the party that nearly half of American voters think can lead this country?

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