Democratic Leaders: It Wasn’t Our Fault We Lost

Talk about delusions combined with chutzpah.

Fresh off a historic whuppin’, the Democrats are blaming everybody but themselves for Tuesday’s bloodbath.

President Obama acted like the election was just a flukey roll of the cosmic dice, not a repudiation of six years of his disastrous Administration.

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“Obviously Republicans had a good night,” Obama admitted. “I’ll leave it to all of you and the professional pundits to pick through the results.”

This is about the closest this man is capable of getting to an apology, even to his supporters.

Clearly, Michelle’s election-eve promise of celebratory fried chicken for Democrat voters was not sufficient to stem the tide.

The other two vertices of the Trinity of Doom — Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi — are also in denial over being publicly humiliated by nearly the entire nation rejecting their plans and policies.

Reid, who in the last session blocked all but 19 amendments, issued this oily statement: “I’d like to congratulate Sen. [Mitch] McConnell, who will be the new Senate majority leader. The message from voters is clear: They want us to work together. I look forward to working with Sen. McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”

Um. No, the message wasn’t that voters want you to work together; it was that they want your obstructionist self out of the way.

Reid’s statement was so insincere, it prompted Democratic pollster Pat Caddell to call him a “dictator,” then say, “The man is a disgrace to democracy. I want to say this as a Democrat: I think at some point you should stand up for your country as an American. ”

On the Left Coast, Pelosi gave a presser in which she explained the real lesson of Tuesday’s election: voter suppression.

Yes, Nancy, clearly the real problem was that the Republicans were able to deliver more voters than the Democrats. Very insightful, like a coach who says, “We coulda won if only we’da played better’n th’other guys.”

Of course, what she really means is that Obama should have given amnesty to 16 million illegal aliens before the election so they could have registered Democrat.

“To succeed, we must inspire, educate and remove obstacles to participation,” Pelosi said. “Only by changing our political environment and broadening the universe of the electorate can we build a strong sense of community and an economy that works for everyone.”

Both Reid and Pelosi have asked the DP to keep them on as leaders.

After all, between Reid, Pelosi and Obama, the Democratic Party has given us a six-year record of failure, scandal and criminality par excellence. They’ve turned the Executive Branch into a dictatorship and the Congress into a powerless debating society.

With a record like that, why wouldn’t you let the people in charge keep their jobs?


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