Democratic National Convention Using Extortion Tactics with North Carolina Businesses

When Charlotte, North Carolina mayor, Anthony Foxx campaigned to host the Democratic National Convention in his city, he assured local business owners that there would be plenty of work for them in conjunction with the convention.  He told everyone that it would bring $150 million to the Charlotte economy.

However, to some local business owners, that is not the case.  More than one local business owner has been notified by the DNC that they would not be getting any of their business since they were not unionized.  Statements they have received from the DNC could be defined as a form of illegal extortion – you do business with me or you don’t do business at all type of extortion.

North Carolina is a right-to-work state.  That means that everyone, union or non-union, has the same right to the same job for the same pay, which is only fair to everyone, including the business owners.

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In lieu of knowing this, the DNC still decided to award the convention to the city of Charlotte, whose mayor just happens to be a strong ally of President Obama.

Those companies that are unionized have been receiving contracts from the DNC while those that aren’t unionized are being turned down.  However, since the state is a right to work state, there are not very many unionized companies in the area.

John Montieth owns a print shop and put in a bid for some of the DNC contracts but was told that he would not be awarded any bids since he was not unionized.  The work that John should have been awarded was given to an out of state unionized company in Washington DC.

Sherwood Webb, owner of Webb & Partners was told by the DNC from the onset that they would only use union companies, so Webb didn’t even bother to bid on any contracts.

The DNC denies the allegations, but their actions are proving to be more reliable than their denials.   As one person said, the “right to work just became Forced to Unionize in North Carolina.”

Scott Stone, who is running against Mayor Foxx said,

“The mayor can’t have it both ways. He can’t say the convention will have a $150 million local economic impact and continue to send convention contracts and jobs out-of-state.”

Is there any difference between the DNC denial to give contracts to non-union companies and for a company owner refusing to hire someone because they are a Democrat?  I guess one form of discrimination and extortion is okay for them, but not for others.

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