You Want the Truth? Democrats Can’t Handle the Truth

President Obama is a big fat liar. That’s no news to conservatives, but it’s a fact that Democrats run away from.

At least they did until this week.

As the Obamacare mess continues to spread over the land like some putrid gelatinous ooze, even Democrats are beginning to concede in hushed whispers that the president’s repeated assurances that Americans would get to keep their insurance policies under Obamacare were untrue.

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But they’re still having a hard time coping.

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney, under rare pressure from the press, admitted “there will be winners and losers” under Obamacare when he was asked about some people’s rates skyrocketing.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer said, “We knew that there would be some policies that would not qualify and therefore people would be required to get more extensive coverage. ..I don’t think the message was wrong. I think the message was accurate. It was not precise enough…[it] should have been caveated with – ‘assuming you have a policy that in fact does do what the bill is designed to do.’”

In other words, the Democrats knew the president was lying to America while promising that people could keep their insurance policies, but they said nothing.

Even when confronted with the obvious, that promises about Obamacare were bald-faced lies, Democrats still try to cover up for the Man Who would Be King.

CNN’s Joe Johns so far takes the cake, however, when he said: “The president said again and again that you can keep your insurance. But it’s not clear how many times he actually distinguished between employer-based insurance and those who bought private insurance after ObamaCare was signed into law. … It’s not clear how often they told people insurance companies might cancel policies because they didn’t comply with ObamaCare.”

Actually, despite the propaganda blitz, it is pretty clear how many times the Administration warned people they would actually lose their insurance: Zero.

Not that anyone couldn’t have figured it out with just a couple of braincells and an Internet connection, but why would the Administration want to put it out of liberals’ reach like that?

Well, that’s what they get for electing President Smokey Pants.

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