Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill then Blame GOP for Possible Shutdown

Most of us have seen someone who did something and the blamed someone else for what they did. It’s common in many children, but as we grow up and mature, we’re supposed to learn to take responsibility for our own actions. Unfortunately in today’s America, far too many adults have never learned this important lesson.

For example, I have an ex-son-in-law who was staying at my house some years back. We were both in the kitchen and I watched him take out a gallon of milk, pour a glass and then leave the milk on the counter and walk away. When I told him he needed to put the milk away, he denied being the one that left it on the counter and got upset when I told him I was standing right there and saw him do it.

The same is true with many politicians, especially Barack Obama and his loyal minions. They take their dictatorial stand on issues and refuse to budget. They demand that Republicans compromise or should I say submit to the Democrats and Obama’s way. When Republicans try to stand their ground, Obama and Democrats blame Republicans for their own stubbornness.

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Example 1 – Sequestration. The idea of the Sequestration came from Obama. He thought that it would be an effective way to blackmail Republicans into caving in to his dictatorial demands. He and Harry Reid drew their line in the sand and refused to budge. When Republicans tried to negotiate and come up with a number of compromised plans to resolve the issue, Obama and Reid refused every single attempt. It was their way or no way. Finally, House Republicans refused to become Obama’s slaves and stand their ground. Yet Obama, Reid, Democrats and the media all blamed the Republicans for not being willing to compromise and cause a partial shutdown of the government when in fact they were the ones that refused to compromise which caused the government shutdown.

Example 2 – Jobs Bills. When the White House unemployment rates were running over 8%, Obama wanted Congress to send him a jobs bill. The GOP controlled House passed 12 different jobs bills and sent them to the Senate. Harry Reid, then Senate Majority Leader, took a fleeting glance at only 1 of the bills before denying any of them from having a chance of being viewed by the rest of the Senate. At one point, Reid announced that he would not consider any jobs bill sent to him by the House, but that the House must pass the jobs bills passed by the Democratic controlled Senate and then again blamed Republicans for being unwilling to compromise.

Example 3 – Bush Era Tax Cuts. The Democrats were pushing a two month extension only while the Republicans were pushing for a one year extension. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that they would not approve of the Republican plan and that they were not about to budge on theirs. Then in the same breath, they both accused Republicans of being unwilling to compromise.

There are a number of other examples of how Obama and Democrats have insisted on doing things their way or no way and then blame Republicans for not compromising and once again we are seeing it happen with the funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

The House has passed a DHS budget bill that would fund the department for everything except new projects including Obama’s delayed deportation. House Republicans believe that polls indicate that the majority of Americans are against Obama’s immigration program and they are aware that it will cost taxpayers many millions of dollars.

Even though Republicans now control the Senate, the Democrats have launched a filibuster to prevent the House bill from being voted upon. The ironic twist to that is that when Reid had control of the Senate he tried to change Senate rules to make it impossible for Republicans to filibuster any Democratic bills. Additionally, Obama has vowed to veto any budget bill that excludes his immigration program.

Without passage of the bill by the end of the month, the Department of Homeland Security will be forced to shut down or operate without paying anyone or paying their bills. Reid, who still leads the Democratic Senate minority and Obama have once again vowed not to budge on their stand. It’s their way or no way. Yet they are already pointing the finger at Republicans and blaming them if DHS is forced to shut down.

Some Republicans are already tucking their tails between their legs like scared dogs and are trying to offer up an alternative that will meet the dictatorial demands of the Democrats. Sadly, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pulling a John Boehner and has already caved into the Democratic pressure and the preserved blame that Obama and the media are placing on the GOP.

So what will happen by the end of this week? Will Republicans once again cower and grovel at the feet of Obama and his minions, even though they have control of Congress or will they grow some intestinal fortitude and stand up for the American people? I suspect that since Republicans do not have enough votes to override Obama’s veto, that they’ll cave in to the Dictator-in-Chief, proving that the American people put a false hope and trust in them.

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