Democrats Dominate List of Most Ineffective Members of Congress

Over the past 4 to 6 years, the American people have lost confidence in Congress. Approval ratings continue to drop year by year. Their ability to pass effective legislation has dropped to the lowest since 1947. Over the past four years, all we have seen from Congress is partisan fighting with few positive results.

In the Senate, we’ve had then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly saying that the Senate will not entertain anything sent to them by the Republican led House. In the House, Speaker John Boehner exemplified the ineptness of Congress when he stated:

“We ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.”

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Evidently, Boehner didn’t think that passing bills was as important as repealing laws. I unapologetically say that I was thrilled when Boehner announced his sudden retirement as Speaker. His greatest accomplishment during his tenure as Speaker of the House was to bow down and compromise with the demands of Barack Obama instead of standing up for the Republican Party and the American people.

In light of how ineffective Congress has become, Inside Gov did a study to determine which members of Congress have accomplished the least. According to their website:

“While Congress has been inefficient across the board, some members have been exceptionally unexceptional. Using data from GovTrack, InsideGov created an Effectiveness Score to determine the least-effective members of Congress.”

“The effectiveness score is the percentage of bills sponsored by each congressperson over their time in office that went on to pass committee. The score does not factor in the percentage of bills that turned into law because such a small number of proposed bills and resolutions actually become laws.”

“While it’s true that some congresspeople intentionally make an effort to stymie fast-tracked legislation, the members on this list are sponsoring their own legislation and not getting it passed through committee.”

“This list only includes members of Congress who have served at least one full term and does not include bills introduced in the 114th Congress, since they still have time to get passed.”

In all, they revealed the 38 least effective members of Congress consisting of 27 Democrats, 10 Republicans and 1 Independent. To see the list and if your Representative or Senator was on it, click here. Incidentally, I noticed that at least 2 members of Congress that made the list were Muslims. Perhaps it’s a good thing that they are ineffective.

As we head towards the 2016 elections, perhaps it would be a good idea to vote these deadbeat do-nothings out of office and hopefully replace them with someone who will actually earn their pay.

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