Democrats Don’t Care About Your Children

If you are still unsure of who to vote for in the upcoming elections, perhaps you need to think about the impact your vote will have on your children.  What kind of legislation does each candidate support and how will that legislation affect the next generation.  While I can’t list each politician from every state, I can offer some general trends and track records held by one political party in particular.

I contend that the general trend of the Democratic Party is to first corrupt our children with a broad spectrum of liberal education and moral values and then hand them a nation in financial ruin.

The Democrats currently in control have more than doubled the national debt and have plans to double it again in the next ten years.  If something isn’t done immediately, our children and our children’s children will be paying the debts incurred now.

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Members of the Democratic Party have consistently supported the removal of all Christianity from the classroom and from government.  In its place, they want our children to be taught the godless religion of naturalism.

Liberal Democrats are directly responsible for our public schools teaching pornographic and immoral sex education classes.  These classes are telling our kids that it’s okay to have premarital sex as long you do it safely.  They provide them with free contraceptives or tell them where to go to get them.  They provide them with information on where to go get an abortion without their parent’s knowledge.

The Democrats are also behind the efforts to promote perverse and sinful lifestyles including homosexuality and pornography.  Children in kindergarten and first grade are reading books in school that teach homosexuality is normal and acceptable.  If a student speaks out against it as being wrong, they are punished.

Democrats are also pushing for US adoption of many United Nations policies.  Among those policies are the giving of rights to children as young as ten years old to have sex without parental knowledge or consent.  These same UN policies want to de-criminalize things including child prostitution and pedophilia.

Traditionally, the Democrats promote the avenues of American society that pushes more sex and immorality into entertainment.  Liberal Dems have allowed more foul language and nudity to appear on prime time television.

It’s also the Democrats that push so hard for abortion and the murder of nearly a million human babies each year.  They have religiously protected the industry that not only murders the babies in the womb, but also murders them if they are born alive.

Some Democrats have spoken out in favor of programs that would euthanize children born with severe handicaps or illnesses.  I’ve even heard some of them speak of promoting mandatory sterilization programs for those adults that have certain mental or physical handicaps to prevent them from creating more individuals with the same conditions.

The current Democratic controlled White House and Department of Justice also refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage.  They have embraced a system that no longer holds marriage as a sacred union of one man with one woman.  When you add that to the sexual promiscuity values held by most Democrats, you soon find that the structure of the family has been undermined and destroyed, resulting in millions of kids living in one parent and dysfunctional homes.  In turn, they never learn the value of the family unit or even how to have a normal relationship with a member of the opposite sex once they’ve grown up.

In virtually every aspect of life, moral and religious values, the Democratic Party has repeatedly demonstrated that they do not care for your kids or the way you want to raise them.  Their liberal policies promote no respect for parents, for other people or for other people’s property.  They teach our children that they are entitled to certain things and that they have a right to demand them.

The liberal social policies of the Democrats promote laziness.  Why should people work if the government will provide for them?  Last week the news interviewed a lady that just had her eighth child.  She is a single parent and has never worked a day in her life.  When the reporter asked her why she was having another child without an income, the mother said that her welfare check would be bigger.  The more kids the more welfare she would receive.  This is a Democratic sponsored program that is sending the wrong signal to our young people, but hey, they don’t care.

You add all this together and it should be pretty clear that the Democratic Party as a whole cares nothing for your children or for family values, for moral values, for religious values or even for the sanctity of life.  So why would any self-respecting American with a shred of intelligence and decency ever vote for any of them?

If you love and value your kids and grandkids, take heed of this warning and help us rid politics of these filthy family hating parasites called Democrats!

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