Democrats Filing Lawsuits to Overturn Voter ID Laws

In today’s world, you need some form of identification to do almost anything. You need an ID to buy a car, obtain auto, home and health insurance, conduct any type of banking or financial transactions, buy a gun, home, boat, motorcycle and obtain any form of government assistance.

In fact, liberal Democrats are trying for force every American who already owns a firearm to submit their identification and other information, even though it’s a constitutional right to own a firearm.

However, when it comes to another constitutional right, voting, they believe that any law requiring any form of identification is unconstitutional. Even after the US Supreme Court struck down parts of the voter rights laws and ruling that states do have the right to require voter identification in order to cast their ballots, liberal Democrats are mounting legal challenges against many of those laws.

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They have already filed lawsuits against Ohio and Wisconsin, two key swing states when it comes to presidential elections. Leading the lawsuit challenges is attorney Mark Elias who is representing a number of clients including the Hillary Clinton campaign. Last year they filed a lawsuit in North Carolina and indications are that lawsuits may yet be filed in Georgia, Nevada and Virginia.

Their main argument is that voter ID laws discriminate against blacks, Hispanics and lower income people. If I were a black or Hispanic, I would be extremely offended at such an argument because they are basically saying that they are not smart enough or capable enough to obtain a voter ID like you and me are. Their argument is very racially demeaning and insensitive.

Secondly, the minorities they point to as not being able to obtain a valid voter ID are the ones that have to have an ID to receive their welfare, food stamps, HUD housing, Medicaid and other forms of government assistance. If they have to have an ID for these things, which doesn’t seem to be a problem for them or liberal Democrats, then why can’t they obtain an ID for voting?

There is only one real reason that Democrats don’t want voter ID laws and that’s voter fraud! It’s also part of the push to allow millions of illegal aliens to remain in the US and obtain valid state driver’s licenses. In most states, all you need to register to vote is a valid driver’s license and tell a simple lie about their US citizenship. This has already happened in recent elections.

Requiring a voter ID also helps prevent someone voting for others like dead people or friends, which has also happened in recent elections. Democrats claim that cases of voter fraud are almost non-existent

In the 2012 elections, there were votes cast by dead people, pets, convicted felons and illegals who lied about their citizenship. It was shocking how many people voted in more than one state, some voting in several states. Some Democratic workers were even recorded telling people how to vote more than once.

All Republicans have wanted to do with voter ID law is to reduce the incidences of voter fraud. They want elections to be as fair and honest as possible with one vote per legal US citizen who has not been convicted of a felony just the way the Constitution states.

Filing lawsuits against voter ID clearly displays the hypocrisy of the liberal Democrats and reveals their true intentions.

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