Democrats Hell Bent on Beating Christians into Submission

Barack Obama and his organized crime syndicate, better known as the Obama administration, have taken yet another illegal step in securing their dictatorial ways on the American people.

The Affordable Care Act mandated that all employers provide contraceptive coverage to all female employees, which when you think about it is a dictatorial power flexing to control private businesses. A number of companies and organizations objected to the contraception mandate on religious grounds.

One of those companies was Christian owned Hobby Lobby who took their lawsuit all the way to the US Supreme Court. After hearing arguments, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and said that the administration must find a way to accommodate the religious objections of any closely held for-profit company (referring to having 5 or fewer owners).

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In response to the Supreme Court’s dictate, the Obama administration has announced that they have established a program to still provide free contraceptive healthcare to all female employees. Once an employer writes a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services in which they spell out their objection to the contraception mandate, the government will contact a third party insurer who will then provide the free contraction to the female employees of that company at no cost to the employer or employee.

The legal problem with all of this is that the executive department cannot legally make changes to the Affordable Care Act regardless of any Supreme Court ruling. The US Constitution clearly dictates that only Congress can make changes to a bill that they created and passed. The Founding Fathers did this purposely to keep the executive leader of the nation from assuming dictatorial powers as Barack Obama has been doing for the past six and half years.

Illegal or legal, you would think that the solution would appease the Democrats that are so hell bent on forcing all of us to accept their socialist healthcare program but some of them are still not satisfied. Sen. Patty Murray, a VERY liberal Democrat from Washington, is dead set on forcing Christian business owners to give up their faith in place for of her socialism.

Speaking to the media, Murray stated:

“Only a year has passed since five male justices told American women their health care decisions and benefits are their boss’s business. Already, we’ve seen employers across the country deny women access to health insurance benefits they have earned, and threaten a worker’s right to make their own autonomous decisions about everything from vaccinations to HIV treatment.

“In the 21st century, women should be able to make their own decisions about their own bodies—and no one should have to ask their boss for permission to get the health care they need. I’m committing to continuing to fight, along with the Administration and all my colleagues, to fix this Supreme Court-issued license to discriminate and protect the rights of women and families across our country.”

In other words, Murray is saying that the artificial rights of liberal women supersede the constitutional rights of Christians to freely live their faith. Murray and her colleagues will not rest until every Christian business owners has been beaten into submission or run out of business.

And guess who else shares Murray’s view on women’s rights superseding religious rights? None other than Hillary Clinton!


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