Democrats Mad at Republicans for Defending the Family

Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York, is mad at the Republicans for increasing the expense cap for defending the Defense of Marriage Act. Nadler is an opponent of the law, and he believes that the Republicans are “highly hypocritical” to raise alarm about the deficit and yet increase the expense for a law that Nadler himself believes to be “unconscionable.”

Now, no one knows why the law should be deemed “unconscionable.” When it was passed back in the 1990s, the Democrat President at the time did not veto it. The support for the law was bi-partisan, and Democrats voted for it just as overwhelmingly as the Republicans. The law is supported by majorities in quite a few states as is obvious by polls and referendums. There is only a small minority of perverts that is against it, and specifically against its definition of family as between a man and a woman. That’s how a family has always been defined, and we have no legal precedent in history for a family to be defined in any other way.

So, is Nadler saying that humans have been “unconscionable” throughout history and only in the last 10 years we finally have a “conscionable” humanity in the face a few perverts and their political representatives? Is he saying that Democrats were “unconscionable” in the 1990s to vote for such a law?

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Besides, looking at the numbers, one can not but laugh at Nadler’s ridiculous fit of rage. We are talking about an increase from $500,000 to $1.5 million. The one million increase is about 0.00001% of the total $14 trillion public debt the Obama administration has burdened the America public with; or, if express it as a ratio, one to 14 million. And Nadler is concerned that this adds to the deficit?

And if the function of the government is not to defend the family, then what is it? It is in the family that we all have our prosperity and freedom and protection; this is the American way. If the government doesn’t protect that vital American institution, the family, then we don’t need that government anymore.

It was Obama’s administration that dropped the defense of a law that was passed by a majority, and still remains valid. Not Congress, it was the Department of Justice that was supposed to be the champion of the DOMA. But the administration illegally refused to defend it. Someone had to do it; and Congress took the responsibility. Nadler has his own party’s President to blame for this blatant disregard of the law and of the responsibilities of all institutions following from that law.

Nadler’s madness must be stopped, and the agenda of the sodomite community must be exposed for what it is. America must defend its families, and the $1.5 million is a negligible amount of the trillions wasted on bailouts, stimulus packages, and socialist experiments. If the government doesn’t protect the American families, America is gone. I’d rather have Nadler go, and keep America and her families, thank you very much.

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