Sexual abuse, demeaning women, and promoting all types of sexual libertinism are the domain of the Democrats and their supporters. The latest is Harvey Weinstein. He’s one of Hollywood’s legends and a big donor to liberal causes, the Democrat Party, and Hillary Clinton. He was/is a big supporter of former President Obama. The Obamas couldn’t say enough good things about Weinstein.

Hollywood itself is flush with hypocrisy. While it decries gun violence and the objectification of women, many of the films it produces are filled with them. For example:

Three of the top five movies at the box office featured characters blasting away with automatic weapons. Two — Kingsman: Golden Circle and American Assassin — included so many examples of such violence that the numbers were difficult even to count.

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An analysis of the top five movies in theaters the week before the attack (Sept. 22-28) showed incredible big-screen carnage, including characters firing handguns and employing a wide range of other forms of violence.

Because The Lego Movie is animated, it wasn’t included in the tally. So just four movies — Kingsman: Golden Circle, American Assassin, It, and Mother! — featured 589 incidents of violence, including 212 incidents of gun violence. The total body count of the four was at least 192. At least 108 times, some kind of automatic weapon was used. Those guns fired so many rounds, so rapidly, an accurate tally of shots or even shooters was impossible. (Newsbusters)

Then there’s the sex. I won’t rehearse the amount of promiscuous, adulterous, homosexual, and sexual assaults in films produced by the liberal Hollywood elite. There’s too much of it to catalog here.

Democrats have swept the issue of sexual assault in their own party under the rug for years while claiming they are the party of equality for women. There was Senator Ted Kennedy — the “Lion of the Senate” — who let a woman drown in a car he was driving. If the Chappaquiddick Affair had happened to any other politician (especially a Republican), their political career would have ended the day the news broke.

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