Democrats Protect Illegal Felons by Opposing Kate’s Law

Kathryn Steinle and her father were walking on Pier 14 in San Francisco back on July 1 when three shots rang out. In front of her father Jim, 32 year old Kathryn collapsed and died two hours later from a gunshot wound that severed her aorta.

An hour after the shooting, 52 year old Mexican illegal Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez was arrested and charged with murder. He had been deported 5 times and had drug charges pending at the time of the shooting. Prior to the shooting, Lopez-Sanchez had been arrested by federal authorities and turned over to authorities in San Francisco. Being the liberally run sanctuary city that they are, San Francisco authorities released Lopez-Sanchez back out onto the streets. A short time later he shot and killed Steinle.

Public outrage was great and millions of Americans demanded the end of sanctuary cities. Others demanded that illegal convicted of felonies be imprisoned. In response to the public outrage, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) introduced HR 3011 – Kate’s Law for passage by the House of Representatives. By October 6, Kate’s Law had 53 co-sponsors in the House and all of them are Republicans.

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Kate’s Law would establish a mandatory minimum prison sentence for illegals that have been deported and then re-enter the US illegally.

It should come as no big surprise to learn that Democrats in the House and Senate are working hard to block Kate’s Law from passing. Democrats claim to be the political party of the people but they are ignoring what the people want. A recent Rasmussen Report Poll showed that 56% of likely voters favor passage while only 27% opposed the bill, but that has never mattered to Democrats, has it?

In the Senate, one of the staunched opponents of Kate’s Law is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Last week, Reid told the members of the Senate that Kate’s Law would ‘tear innocent families apart.’ Innocent? If those families are here illegally then they are NOT innocent.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and GOP presidential candidate took issue with Reid’s comment, responding:

“It is sad that the Democratic leader chooses to stand with violent criminal illegal aliens instead of the American citizens, but even sadder is that he impugns legal immigrants. When the Democratic leader suggests that incarcerating aggravated felons, murders and rapists who illegally re-enter this country is somehow a slight to immigrants, well Mr. President, I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba.”

“There is no one in this chamber who will stand and fight harder for legal immigrants than I will, and for the Democratic leader to cynically suggest that somehow immigrants should be lumped into the same bucket with murderers and rapists, demonstrates the cynicism of the modern Democratic Party. Demonstrates just how out of touch the modern Democratic Party is. You know who doesn’t agree with the Democratic leader? The voters of San Francisco. I would venture to say that almost all of whom consider themselves Democrats and yet they just voted out the sheriff for saying basically the same thing the Democratic leader did, for saying that the Democratic Party stands with violent felon illegal immigrants instead of the American citizens.”

“And let’s listen to what the Democratic leader just said; gosh it would cost too much to incarcerate aggravated felons who illegally re-enter this country. Mr. President, if it costs too much to lock up murders, rapists, kidnappers then you know what, we need to spend the money it needs to lock up every single murderer we can.”

“I’m sorry the Democratic Party doesn’t want to spend the money murders and instead it’s apparently cheaper to lose our sons and daughters. I think we have the resources to lock up murderers. And there should be no confusion where the Party stands. The Democratic leader suggested that locking up aggravated felons is somehow disrespectful to immigrants with all respect as the son of an immigrant I believe that immigrants who come here legally who aren’t criminals should be treated markedly different from murderers and rapists and yet the Democratic Party chooses to stands with the murderers and rapists and violent criminals. That is unfortunate indeed.”

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Every American needs to be confronting liberal Democrats who defend illegal aliens like Cruz confronted Reid. They need to explain why they favor murderers, rapists and kidnappers over legal immigrants and American citizens. This is America and Americans come first over illegals and liberal Democrats need to learn this lesson. If they are not willing to take measures to protect Americans from criminal illegals, then perhaps they should face charges of treason for aiding and abetting enemies of the American people.

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