Democrats Refuse Offer For Negotiators – Would Rather Shutdown Government

Finally House Republicans have stood their ground and refused Obama’s extortionist threats.  The question now is how long they will hold out on the issue of delaying or defunding Obamacare or will they again cower to the demands of a tyrant president who demands they do it his way or no way.

To no surprise of anyone, President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid, along with the liberal mainstream media are all pointing fingers at the Republicans for forcing the government shutdown.  It hasn’t mattered that the House Republicans have offered several bills to keep the government running except for Obamacare and a few other provisions.

In a move to show good faith and a willingness to work out something they could all agree with, the House Republicans requested that the Senate appoint conferees to negotiate a short-term deal to fund the government until a more permanent agreement could be worked out.

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However, the Democrats instantly rejected the House offer.  They wanted no part in trying to negotiate any kind of settlement to keep the government running.  Rather than try to work something out and negotiate a settlement, the Democrats, not the Republicans, insisted on shutting down the government and sending 800,000 government workers home with no pay.

The House GOP showed good faith in wanting to meet and hammer out a deal, even a temporary one that would keep the government in business.  But the Democrats clearly demonstrated that they don’t have any good faith and have no interest in working out an agreeable settlement.  Instead, they are using the federal government and federal employees in their extortion tactics to make the GOP look like the bad guys.

The actions of the Democrats and President Obama are reprehensible, thoughtless and clearly demonstrate their lack of care about the American people.  They have an agenda and anyone that gets in their way be damned.  I only wish the American people were smart enough to see what is really happening and who the villains really are.

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